ourfreshE Refills, Cucumber Melon, 6/Box

1.30 LBS
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OurFresh Cucumber Melon Air Freshener Refills

Discover the future of air freshening with our innovative dry fragrance inserts. Designed to be liquid-free, these inserts offer a subtle yet satisfying scent experience, minimizing the risk of overwhelming fragrances and preventing any residue on floors. They deliver up to twice the fragrance intensity compared to traditional metered aerosols and ensure a steady and consistent scent release from the first day to the thirtieth. Experience a new standard in ambient fragrance solutions that keep your space inviting and fresh all month long.

  • Dry fragrance refills contain 3-5 times more fragrance than grocery store purchased plug-ins and freshens more space
  • Provide 30-day air-freshening for larger spaces
  • Refills are 100% recyclable
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