Swiffer Duster 6" Starter Kit with Refills

4.00 LBS
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Swiffer Dusters Kit | Swiffer Duster Starter Kit

Dusting just got easier with Swiffer's Duster Starter Kit. This starter kit features dusters made with special fibers that trap and lock away dust and allergens. The disposable heads make cleaning convenient and prevent the spread of contaminants. The kit includes one handle and five dusters.


  • Trap-and-Lock fibers
  • Disposable heads
  • Comfortable handle
  • Each kit includes one handle and additional disposable dusters
  • Quantity: Single or 6/case
  • Dimensions: 13" l x 4" w
  • Bristle Color: Light Blue
  • Bristle Length: 6"
  • Handle Color: Yellow
  • Bristle Material: Dust Lock Fiber
  • Handle Material: Plastic
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