MatGuard 70% Alcohol Ready-to-Use Surface Disinfectant, 1 gallon



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MatGuard | 70% Alcohol Ready-to-Use Surface Disinfectant, 1 gallon

MatGuard® 70% Alcohol Ready-to-Use Surface Disinfectant is a hospital-grade, no-mix, ready-to-use surface spray disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of germs and viruses including MRSA, Hepatitis, Staph, E-Coli and 99.9% of all harmful bacteria.

The simple yet highly-effective formulation is comprised of 70% isopropyl alcohol, an emulsifier, and purified water, which work together to break down the cell walls of pathonogenic germs and bacteria to destroy them completely.  The emulsifier is a key ingredient, as it slows the evaporation rate of the isopropyl alcohol to all it to effectively dissolve, penetrate and kill the pathogen cell in its entirety.  This physical destruction of the pathogen cell does not permit the development of chemical resistance to MatGuard®, allowing you to continually use this product throughout your facility for years to come.

Designed for use on non-porous surfaces, such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, laminated surfaces and baked enamel surfaces associated with floors, walls, ceilings.  Examples of inanimate objects that can be cleaned with this product are exercise mats & equipment, tables, chairs, desks, workstations, washable walls, cabinets, doorknobs, shower stalls, shower doors and curtains, bathtubs and glazed tiles.

Clean and disinfect your facility without using bleaches, chlorines or other harsh chemicals that dry skin and are corrosive on surfaces.

Note: Dispensing device not included.


  • EPA-approved; Kills harmful germs & bacteria like MRSA, Hepatitis, Staph, E-Coli and 99.9% of all harmful bacteria
  • Broad-spectrum surface disinfectant
  • No-mix, ready-to-use formula; Just spray and walk away
  • Non-dulling to floor finishes

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Volume 1 gallon
Quantity 1
Active Ingredients
  • Isopropyl Alcohol - 70%
EPA Registration Number 60142-3
Country of Origin Made in the USA
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