Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Degreaser, PineScent, 32 Oz Bottle, Case of 6

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Dawn Degreaser | Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cuts through tough jobs with the grease-cutting power of Dawn. This industrial degreaser is designed to clean your toughest grease problems. It can be used full strength as a multi surface cleaner on buildup on range hoods, fryers, ovens and walls. It is safe for use on food-contact surfaces when followed by rinsing with water. Excellent for cleaning corral areas and dumpsters and can even be used for cleaning heavy crank case oil from concrete drive-thru pads and sidewalks. This Dawn Professional product is phosphate-free, noncaustic, nonflammable, and formulated for employee safety. It's also designed to clean waxed tile floors without damaging the wax, when properly diluted, and can spot-clean where heavy grease buildup exists.


  • Great for tough buildup on surfaces, like range hoods, ovens, walls, floors and drive-thru pads
  • Cuts tough grease three times faster
  • Full strength for greasy soils
  • Commercial degreaser can be used on food-contact surfaces when followed by rinsing with water
  • Formulated for employee safety and is phosphate-free, noncaustic and nonflammable
Scent Pine
Physical Form Liquid
Packing Type Bottle
Capacity (Volume) 32 oz
Carton Pack Quantity 6 EA
Country Of Origin US
Applicable Material Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Stone
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