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  • https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-8mji1/products/7962/images/26677/apotheke_shampoo__73428.1699646019.500.750.jpg Apotheke White Vetiver Shampoo, 16 oz Refillable Bottle (+$9.95)
  • https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-8mji1/products/7963/images/26679/apotheke_conditioner__13233.1699646065.500.750.jpg Apotheke White Vetiver Conditioner, 16 oz Refillable Bottle (+$9.95)
  • https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-8mji1/products/7964/images/26681/apotheke_bath_gel__94800.1699647898.500.750.jpg Apotheke White Vetiver Bath Gel, 16 oz Refillable Bottle (+$9.95)
  • https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-8mji1/products/7965/images/26683/apotheke_body_lotion__61878.1699648260.500.750.jpg Apotheke White Vetiver Body Lotion, 16 oz Refillable Bottle (+$9.95)

Transform High-Traffic Showers with the Spaza Dispenser Bracket System

If you are searching for an efficient and appealing solution for organizing personal care products in high-traffic showers, such as in gyms, hotels, vacation rentals and more, the Swedish-designed-and-made Spaza Dispenser Bracket System is a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and environmental consciousness, designed to offer peak performance in the busiest of environments.

Featuring a minimalist design, this dispenser bracket system ensures your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and/or body lotion dispensers not only contribute to a clutter-free environment but blend seamlessly into it, appearing as if they are floating against the wall.

Durable and Tamper-Proof for Busy Shower Spaces

Designed with recognition of the routine challenges busy environments deal with, this dispenser bracket system brings security and versatility hand in hand. This system includes a tamper-resistant feature for stable installation. No worry about bottles removed from brackets or pumps unscrewed inadvertently.

This product line offers single, double or triple version models, modifying the setup as per demands. Be it a high-end boutique hotel that emphasizes individual space or a large commercial gym handling hundreds of users day in day out, Spaza ensures a tailored fit, right for every scenario. Pair the dispenser with Apotheke's White Vetiver 16 oz refillable bottles for a complete kit.

Product Highlights:

  • Streamlined, minimalistic amenity solution for a clean and visually appealing shower area
  • High-grade, durable material offering remarkable stability
  • Elegant black finish, versatile for diverse aesthetics
  • Easy wall-mounting installation, no drilling required
  • Unprecedented security with tamper-proof locking mechanism
  • Color: Black
  • Installation: Wall-Mounting, No-Drill required
  • Security: Tamper-proof locking mechanism
  • For Use With: 16 oz refillable bottles
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