GOJO LTX-12 Antibacterial Plum Foam Handwash, 1200 mL (2 refills/case)

GOJO 1912-02
15.00 LBS
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GOJO Hand Soap | Plum Scented Foaming Soap | GOJO LTX-12 Refill

GOJO's high-quality foaming hand soap offers a biodegradable formula for a spa-like experience. Plum scented, this rich, gentle, luxury foam wash is pre-lathered for a convenient and even enjoyable washing experience. The biodegrable formula is proven effective, yet mild enough for regular washing.

The LTX system is designed for restrooms, health care facilities, offices, schools, daycare, food service and other locations. This 1200 mL refill is made to fit the GOJO LTX-12 Dispenser in White/White, Black/Black, or Brushed Chrome/Black.

Product Highlights:

  • Plum scented foaming soap
  • Enriched with vitamins and moisturizers
  • Spa-quality foam hand, hair and body wash
  • Rinses clean, minimizes buildup
  • Cartridges are recyclable
  • Volume: 1200 mL cartridges
  • Quantity: 2 refills/case
  • Color: translucent purple
  • USDA certified
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