Dove Pro Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash 240mL, 24/Case

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Dove Pro Deeply Nourishing and Moisturizing Hand Wash

Upgrade your hand hygiene experience with Dove Pro Deep Nourishing Hand Wash 240mL. This essential hand wash is formulated with natural moisturizers, ensuring your hands stay soft, smooth, and hydrated with every wash.

Experience the difference with our deeply nourishing formula, designed to penetrate deep into your skin, keeping your hands moisturized and soft. Say goodbye to dry, rough hands and hello to a luxurious hand washing experience.

Why Dove Pro Hand Wash is The Ultimate in Hand Hygiene

Dove is a trusted name in skincare, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Our Pro Deep Nourishing Hand Wash is no exception, delivering superior care to ensure your hands are clean, soft, and hydrated.

Product Highlights:

  • Delivers nourishment that penetrates deep into your skin, keeping hands moisturized and soft
  • Enriched with natural moisturizers to hydrate and protect your skin
  • Infused with Dove’s iconic fragrance, offering a refreshing and pleasant hand wash experience
  • Suitable for everyone, making it a versatile addition to any home or facility
  • Easy-to-use pump dispenser ensures a hygienic and mess-free application
  • Comes in a case of 24 bottles, each containing 240mL, perfect for both personal and professional use
  • Product Type: Hand Wash
  • Size: 240 mL
  • Quantity: 24 Bottles/Case
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