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Our Company

Meet The Team

We're a dynamic group of big thinkers with an abundance of unique abilities, talents, and quirks.
One thing we share in common is particulary important and quite possibly our most valuable asset: we love what we do. Meet the team behind Zogics.

  • Paul LeBlanc

    Founder & CEO
  • Jeff Stripp

    Director of eCommerce, Sales & Service
  • Misti Mitchell

    Director of Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Shawnee Tannenbaum

    Office Manager
  • Tiffany Aldous

    Customer Experience Adviser
  • Jon Pierotti

    Graphic Designer
  • Justin Mairo

    Warehouse Manager
  • Tom Craig

    eCommerce Marketplace Manager
  • Ellen Gonnello

    Customer Experience Adviser
  • Angelo Gelpi

    Warehouse & Property
  • Liam Tierney

    Customer Experience Adviser
  • Abigail Hunt

    Customer Experience Adviser
  • Brianna Amidon

    Order Management
    & Account Specialist
  • Christina Andersen

    Customer Experience Adviser
  • Kevin Reinhardt

    Product Data Administrator