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Equipment Financing

Zogics offers fitness equipment leasing and financing to help your facility achieve its business and wellness goals. Financing offers you peace of mind. Your facility will be able to conserve capital, better manage company assets, and delight your members with the latest equipment and facility products.

Learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity below.



Conserve Capital
Conserve Capital

• Conserve cash for other business expenses and investments.
• Keep your credit lines available and ready for operational needs.
• Maintain complete control over future profits.

Avoid Obsolescence
Avoid Obsolescence

• Never worry about selling your used equipment.
• Stay on top of new fitness and training demands.
• Easily keep your facility up to date.

Predictable Payments
Predictable Payments

• Better align your monthly expenses with future business plans.
• Avoid risk of inflation in the future.
• Generate revenue now without a large upfront payment.

Manage Assets
Manage Assets

• Recognize equipment on your balance sheet as if you purchased it.
• Or keep a leased asset off your balance sheet.
• Maintain complete control over future profits.

Tax Advantages
Tax Advantages

• Deduct up to $500,000 of equipment (2016 data).
• Write off entire equipment purchase price up front.
• Consult & your accountant for more opportunities.

Support Network
Support Network

• Zogics' famously friendly customer service.
• 100% Happiness Guarantee.
• Industry leading equipment & warranties.


Please feel free to get in touch with us at any stage of your financing journey. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.


TriRam Financial

Triram Financial offers hassle-free equipment financing to get you back to what matters: making your business grow and prosper. Apply today to start financing.

• Competitive interest rates
• Fixed payment terms
• No down payment, finance 100% of cost
• Lower your taxable income via an operating lease
• Finance the entire turn-key acquisition, including software

Rigquipment Finance

Rigquipment offers loan and lease financing for the purchase of fitness equipment & projects including facility renovations and business acquisitions.

• Financing from $5,000+
• Terms from 12–60 months
• Introductory payment plans available
• 100% financing for equipment
• Purchases include shipping & installation