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Conserve Capital



Hold on to your working capital so you can use it more effectively in other investments. When you avoid seeking investors, you can enjoy a faster upstart time, plus you'll retain complete ownership of your business

• Conserve cash to cover other business expenses or investments

• Keep your credit lines available and ready for other operational needs

• Maintain complete control over future profits

Avoid Obsolescence



Your members expect the latest and greatest, and when it comes to both screens and machines, fitness equipment technology is evolving faster than ever. Leasing allows for more frequent equipment updates as new models come out. When you buy your equipment outright, it hinders your ability to refresh your offerings as frequently as your guest may want.

• Never worry about selling your used equipment

• Stay on top of new fitness and training demands

• Easily keep your facility up to date

Predictable Payments



Predict and manage your cash flow more efficiently when you finance. Select a payment schdule that meets your specific needs and enjoy the ease of fixed, convenient monthly payments instead of an overwhelming upfront payment. Budget what your monthly expenses will be from start to finish.

• Better align your monthly expenses with your future business plans

• Avoid risk of inflation in the future

• Generate revenue immediately without a lofty upfront payment

Manage Assets



Account for your business assets as you see fit. Choose a payment option that allows your new fitness equipment assets to be either on or off your balance sheet.

• Recognize your equipment on your balance sheet as if you purchased it...

• Or choose to keep it off your balance sheet as a leased asset

• Maintain complete control over future profits

Tax Advantages



With financing, you may have the option to deduct the depreciation of equipment as well as any implied interest. You can also choose to take advantage of the Section 179 deductions, in which a business can deduct the full purchase price of equipment the year that it is initially leased which effectively lowers the cost of the equipment.

• Deduct up to $500,00 worth of equipment (2016 data)

• Write off the entire equipment purchase price up front, at one time

• Consult & your accountant for further opportunities

Support Network



When you purchase and finance your equipment from Zogics, you know we will be here to support you along your way. Our famously friendly customer experience team will go out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decisions. We curate our fitness equipment to make sure we offer industry leading technology and warranties.

• Famously friendly customer service

• 100% Happiness Guarantee

• Industry leading equipment & warranties



Please feel free to get in touch with us at any stage of your financing journey. Fill out the quick form below and we'll get back to you on the double!

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