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Intrinsics Pre Cut Waxing Strips: For Smooth, Flawless, and Professional-grade Results

Achieve effortless hair removal with Intrinsics Pre-Cut Waxing Strips, meticulously crafted from 100% high-quality, non-woven pellon. Ideal for waxing legs and the bikini area, these strips are compatible with all hair removal methods, offering versatility in your routine. Engineered for ultimate convenience and reliability, these pre-cut waxing strips ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. They won't stretch, shred, or tear during use, staying put until your treatment is complete for optimal results every time.

Trusted by certified estheticians and premier spas worldwide, these strips deliver professional-grade hair removal for personal grooming, spa treatments, or salon services. Whether you prefer bulk orders for savings or single packs for convenience, our premium-quality waxing strips cater to your needs. Say farewell to traditional waxing discomfort—our Pre-Cut Waxing Strips provide a gentler, less painful experience while removing unwanted hair, pampering your skin in the process.

Product Highlights:

  • Trusted by certified estheticians and premier spas worldwide
  • 100% high-quality, non-woven pellon
  • Compatible with all depilatory creams, hair removal systems, sugaring, and waxing methods
  • Won’t stretch, shred, slide, glide, or tear during use
  • Designed to stay put until your treatment is complete
  • Provides a far less painful experience, comforting and pampering the skin
  • Ideal for waxing legs and bikini area
  • Essential addition to any spa or salon
  • Available for purchase in single packs or bulk orders
  • Available in pre-cut strips and rolls
  • Made in USA

For Use With:

  • Material: High-quality non-woven Pellon
  • Size: 3” wide x 9” long
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: Single pack (100pcs) or Bulk (100pcs, Pack of 12)