Non-Compressed Natural Sponges 2.5" | Intrinsics

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Gentle Exfoliation & Optimal Cleansing: Non-Compressed Natural Facial Sponges for Radiant Skin

Experience gentle yet optimal exfoliation and product removal with our Non-Compressed Natural Sponges. Their high absorbency effectively removes makeup, cleansers, and other beauty products without causing irritation. Seamlessly integrate them into your skincare routine alongside your makeup remover and cleanser. Crafted entirely from natural cellulose, these hypoallergenic sponges are fragrance-free, catering to all skin types for a safe and comfortable cleansing experience.

Perfect for sensitive skin and gentle enough for daily use, these sponges promise a revitalized and radiant complexion after every cleanse. Plus, being biodegradable and eco-friendly, they contribute to a more sustainable beauty regimen. Whether you prefer bulk orders for savings or single packs for personal use, these facial sponges cater to your needs. Indulge in the joy of radiant skin with our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic facial sponges—because your beauty routine should be as fun as it is sustainable!

Product Highlights:

  • Trusted by certified estheticians and premier spas worldwide
  • 100% natural cellulose, biodegradable
  • Safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free
  • Soft, non-irritating, non-abrasive
  • Crafted with high absorbency for gentle yet optimal exfoliation and product removal
  • Gently exfoliates and effectively removes make-up, cleansers, or other beauty products
  • Available for purchase in single packs or bulk orders
  • Made in USA
  • Material: 100% Natural Cellulose
  • Size: 2.5" (6.35cm)
  • Color: Yellow Orange
  • Quantity: Single pack (25 pcs) or Bulk (25 pcs, Bag of 10)