How to Improve your Gyms Profits
Zogics Autoship Program
1. Save time & money with autoshipments
Spend less time ordering & more time with members by enrolling in Zogics’ autoshipment program. With our autoshipment program, you save time and money, all while ensuring that you never run out of supplies.

From gym wipes to cleaning supplies, paper products and body care, get the products you need when you need them. The best part? There are no contracts, it’s easy to sign up, & easy to manage. You’re in control.
“I love the autoship option. It takes the time and concern out of keeping track as to when I need to order again. LOVE IT!” —Heather G., Club Owner, IL
Zogics cleaning concentrates
2. Cut costs with cleaning concentrates
Instantly save 50–80% by switching to concentrated cleaning solutions. Our eco-certified cleaning concentrates are the perfect way to save money and storage space.

Whether you’re cleaning glass, mirrors, rubber floors, restrooms, or any other area of your facility, our full line of concentrates are tough on dirt yet easy on your wallet.
Zogics cleaning bottles are designed with a built-in easy-pour spout for simple and accurate dilution every time.
Zogics Bulk Body Care
3. Bulk up on body care
Switch to Zogics bulk body care to save up to 80% per ounce of product over typical cartridge systems. This is a simple way for you to reduce expenses and plastic waste without settling for anything less than the highest quality body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

With a variety of dispenser options, including custom branded options, bulk body care gives you the opportunity to select different soaps that fit your facility's needs, rather than being locked into a costly cartridge refill contract.
“The bulk 3-in-1 is a very cost effective option, and our customers love the scent.” —Dylan M., Gym Manager, MA
XLERATOR and Dyson Hand Dryers
4. Reduce your paper towel cost by 95%
Xlerator and Dyson hand dryers are a must-have for gyms—no more refilling dispensers, overflowing trash bins, or running out of paper towels at the worst time. With a typical payback in months, you’ll be saving money and helping the environment in no time.

They’re available in a variety of finishes to compliment your restroom décor, and you can even custom brand hand dryers with your club logo.
“Zogics was very helpful and understanding of our concerns about price. In the end, we're happy with our decision as switching to the hand dryers saved us hundreds on paper towels! Looks great, easy to install—couldn't be happier.” —Mac K., Business Owner, NY
Fitness equipment to stock up group classes
5. Engage members with new classes
Group training is one of the most popular fitness trends today. Look into TRX, tabata, and rowing classes to give members more ways to workout.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and host unique classes to keep things fun. Think trampoline workouts, Pound, Zumbata, and more. These are attention-grabbers that add a new element to a group workout. Ever heard of dog yoga? Spoiler: it’s as fun as as it sounds. Oh and by the way, make sure to check out our line of pet care products: Zogics Pet.
A Club Industry survey shows that those who participate in group exercise are 60% more likely to remain members than those who don’t.
Zogics fitness accessories - resistance bands, stability balls, strength bands, speed jump ropes
6. Pay attention to the little things
Replace any worn out fitness accessories now before the new member rush. Get our line of resistance bands, speed ropes, and stability balls direct from us, the manufacturer, and experience cost savings. As some of the most frequently purchased pieces of equipment, we recognize how important it is to replenish and keep members happy without breaking the bank.
Did you know that fitness accessories are in the top 5% of most used fitness equipment in health clubs?
Buy Joey Coleman's - Never Lose a Customer Again bestselling book
7. Retain members with better onboarding
You work hard to attract new members and helping them stick around is not only good for their health, but good for your business. Welcoming new members with proper onboarding is the single most effective way of reducing member attrition.

Since relationships and patterns establish early, delighting members over their first three months can almost double your retention rates. Our favorite guide for wowing new customers in any industry is Joey Coleman’s Never Lose a Customer Again. (Fun fact: Joey wrote about our passion for wowing customers and our over-the-top happiness guarantee in chapter 9!)
It costs 9X more to acquire a new member than to retain an existing one. By improving member retention rates by 5%, you can increase your profits by 25–95%!
NormaTec recovery products - compression technology
8. Add recovery to your member perks
Invest in recovery products like NormaTec and see positive returns by charging user fees which in turn, increase your non-dues revenue. Whether as a stand-alone, fee-based service or as an added value to personal training clients, recovery perks enhance client engagement and member retention. The demand for recovery services is on the rise and more and more facilities are providing this additional benefit.
An industry study by Class Pass found that the number of people booking restorative classes grew by 16% in 2018, making recovery the fastest-growing fitness trend of the year.
Shop cleaning supplies to prepare for the member rush
9. Stock up before the January rush
Are you ready for the January rush? Along with focusing on marketing your gym and making sure it’s in tip top shape for all your new visitors, stock up now on supplies as increased member traffic has a drastic impact on your product consumption.

Before you know it, all those new members are using up more gym wipes, paper towels and toilet paper, restroom soaps and more.
Did you know that November is the most popular month for stocking up on gym supplies? It’s the best time to take advantage of deals and stock up before the busy holiday season.
AEDs and AED accessories
10. Make safety a priority
Equipping your club with an AED, first aid kits, and well-trained staff reduces liabilities & creates an environment where gym members feel safe to workout. Members prioritize safety as a critical part of their gym experience.

Knowing that your facility is stocked with the proper safety products and that your staff is trained to act in the event of an emergency plays an important role in member retention.
A key driver of member delight is safety and comfort, according to Listen360’s annual fitness and health industry report.
Equipment financing with Zogics
11. Get what you need now with financing
You don’t need to wait to purchase that much needed piece of fitness equipment. Financing your new fitness equipment can be a great way to rejuvenate and freshen up your facility without needing capital right off the bat. This is the perfect opportunity to make that exciting renovation you’ve been planning and surprise your members with brand new equipment to work out with.

We offer financing for purchases both large and small from any vendor so you can get what you need, when you need it.
According to Club Solutions, leasing the newest fitness equipment will allow you to stay ahead of the competition that might not have access to the same equipment.
12. Leverage your brand
Investing in custom branded products for your facility like hand dryers, soap dispensers, & fitness equipment will increase your brand visibility. Another great branded product is a custom floor mat—it’s the first thing members see when they walk in and the last thing they see as they head home.

Custom products are the perfect way to show pride in your brand & your members will feel more loyal and more inclined to spread the word about your gym. We’ve created several custom products for fitness chains to maintain a consistent brand image throughout their facilities.
A branding study by Lucidpress shows you can increase your revenue by 23% by always presenting your brand consistently.
Shop wholesale towels
13. Offer towels to enhance member experience
A simple way to show your members that you care is by having exercise towels readily available for their use. It’s a low-cost investment that makes a big difference, especially when you take advantage of our bulk pricing.

You can offer towels as a complimentary service or charge a user fee as a way of increasing your non-dues revenue.
“Purchased a few dozen of these after looking for a premium hand towel for my gym. These are very nice quality and are holding up well after many uses. I've already had clients comment on how much they like them!” —Meghan R., Club Owner, PA
Zogics bestselling gym wipes
14. Ditch the spray & switch to wipes
Tired of overflowing trash cans, wasted paper towels, washing rags, and prepping spray cleaner bottles? Ditch the spray bottle and use gym wipes—there’s virtually no prep required, they’re completely disposable, they minimize waste, and they’re safe on equipment and electronic control panels. Plus, they work in a variety of dispensers from stainless steel floor dispensers to wall-mounted options and buckets.

What does this mean for you? Less mess, more effective cleaning, time savings, more member participation in cleaning, and better maintained equipment.
In an industry survey, 98% of gym-goers said they prefer gym wipes over spray options.
Fitness equipment and machines
15. Upgrade your fitness equipment
Upgrading old fitness equipment is a proven way to retain members. Gym goers want to work out with the best equipment to help them reach their goals—don’t let rusty, outdated gear stand in their way. Make sure your weight machines, benches, free weights, and cardio equipment are in top shape.

Prioritize & upgrade your most popular items and frequently used machines first—this will have the greatest impact on your member retention rates. Consider financing your purchases to bring on new equipment now before new members start arriving.
According to The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report, upgrading gym equipment is one of the greatest and most effective ways of increasing member retention.
Zogics gym wipe dispensers
16. Disperse your wipe dispensers
Making your gym wipe dispensers easily accessible means that more of your equipment will be cleaned and taken care of by members. Place enough wipe dispensers throughout your gym so that no matter where you are, a dispenser is convenient and quick to reach. This also helps keep members healthy, especially during the upcoming cold & flu season.

We’ve created a variety of dispenser options that seamlessly integrate with your facility space. From stainless steel free-standing dispensers to wall-mounted options and buckets, you’re not stuck with one style & you have the freedom to pick the best type for your needs.
“We are very pleased with the Stainless Steel Floor Dispenser. It’s heavy duty, dispenses the wipes, and has a trash receptacle built-in. We have them throughout our gym and our members like how quick and easy it is to ensure a sanitary environment.” —Charity S., Club Owner, MD
17. Tap into technology trends
Keep members more engaged, motivated, and more likely to return by introducing technology into training programs. Accurate, real-time performance data (such as heart rate, calories burned, & 3D body composition) keeps members focused on their personal fitness goals. The competitive environment gamifies workouts into fun, addicting sessions that keeps members coming back for more.
According to Club Industry, implementing a heart rate training program at a health club can be a key strategy to create loyalty and improve member retention rates.
18. Rev up retail revenue
Setting up a retail center in your gym can provide a big boost to your gym’s profits and be a welcomed convenience to your members. It’s not uncommon for gym members to forget their headphones or towels at home.

Keep members at your gym by selling fitness apparel—shirts, shorts, and sneakers, as well as other accessories; headphones, towels, bottles, weightlifting tape and gloves. Want to know how you can add your logo to headphones? Give us a call!
According to Club Industry, retail centers increase your fitness center revenue by an average of $53,463.
Odor control, air fresheners, and HVAC scenting
19. Make scent matter
Maintaining fresh smelling air goes a long way in member satisfaction and ultimately retention. Install enough air fresheners in your club to cover your whole gym.

Our air fresheners are ideal for facility spaces, come in 5 natural, pleasant scents, and are 100% biodegradable and EnviroClean certified, adding eco-friendly benefits to your air freshener investment.

Along with traditional air fresheners, look into HVAC scenting units that pump consistent, subtle scenting throughout your entire facility.
“If you're using Zogics air fresheners, this dispenser is a must have. It's a simple, easy, one time buy that you can refill with their air freshener squares. Definitely keeps the place smelling great for a while!” —Matt M., Club Owner, TX