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Wall-Mounted Wipe Dispensers

We’ve all been there: you hit the gym and break a serious sweat, only to find that there are no towels or gym wipes available when you’re done. Gym etiquette (and health regulations) ask you to wipe down equipment when you’re done working out, but with nothing handy, what can you do?

Don’t let this happen in your facility. With our wall-mounted wipe dispensers, disinfecting wipes are always in arm’s reach, perfect for health and fitness facilities of any kind.


Gym Wipes Dispenser, Upward Dispensing, Z500-U

  Upward Dispensing Wipe Dispenser Our wall mounted gym wipe dispensers are the perfect delivery system for our pre-moistened gym equipment wipes. You’ll love this sleek model because it’s easy to refill and install. This no-touch...

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Wall Mounted Disinfectant Wipes Dispenser, Upward Dispensing, Satin Aluminum Finish, W1015-SA

Disinfecting Wipe Dispensers | Upward Dispensing Wipe Dispenser Built to last for years, this wall mounted disinfectant wipes dispenser is built using fire-proof heavy gauge aluminum with a satin finish that's easy to maintain. Sturdy and durable, the...

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Gym Wipe Dispenser Key, 12893

Zogics Wall Mount Dispenser Key Replacement Whether you’ve lost a key or need extras for your staff, we've got you covered. If your Zogics Gym Wipe Dispenser requires a key, then it will unlock both our wall mounted and floor stand dispensers. Use...

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