Shower Cap, Frosted Sachet Wrap (Case of 125 or 500)

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A Thoughtful Guest Amenity: Frosted Sachet Wrapped Shower Caps

The Shower Cap Frosted Sachet Wrap is meticulously designed to safeguard every hair type from unwanted dampness, promising a worry-free bathing session for your guests.

Housed in a frosted sachet, this shower cap makes a compelling impression even before it sees use. The first sight is a delight to the eyes, working wonders for establishments like high-quality hotels, lavish Airbnbs, and opulent VRBOs, seeking to extend a warm, thoughtful gesture towards their patrons.

Durable and comfortable, the reliable material of the cap ensures a perfect fit, keeping hair dry and styled as intended, regardless of the bathing duration. Your guests will relish the attention to detail that puts their needs and comfort first.

Not only does it make for an intriguing addition to your amenities, it also showcases your commitment to providing a wholesome, pampering stay for your guests.  

Product Highlights

  • Exceptionally designed for optimal hair protection
  • Premium quality shower cap housed in a stylish frosted sachet
  • Durable material for enhanced longevity
  • Ideal for upscale hotels, Airbnbs, and VRBOs
  • Demonstrates commitment to guest satisfaction
  • Perfect fit for all hair types and sizes
  • Great addition to any amenity management setup
  • Ensures hassle-free bathing without hair concerns
  • Helps maintain hair style integrity during shower
  • Presents a thoughtful, detail-oriented image to guests
  • Wrap Material: Frosted Sachet for a sophisticated look
  • Cap Material: High-quality durable plastic for reliable use
  • Fit: Adjustable and flexible to fit all head sizes
  • Protection: Effective shield against water and moisture
  • Use: Suitable for single use; promotes hygiene
  • Design: Compact and lightweight for convenient placement in amenities
  • Quantity: 125 Pack or 500 Pack
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