Thank You For Not Smoking Sign, 3" x 9" | Alpine Industries

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Thank You For Not Smoking Sign | Alpine Industries 

Having easily visible signage in your establishment for your patrons is vital. Alpine Industries Thank You For Not Smoking Sign provides clear identification, even at a substantial distance. Its black background and white lettering with accompanying graphics make it optimal to alert your customers adequately. Included for your convenience are easy-to-use adhesive strips that will have your sign up and running in no time. The Thank You For Not Smoking Sign is the perfect, cost-effective product that will be a part of your facility for many years. 


  • Durable: Made from long-lasting material
  • Design: Black background with vibrant white lettering allowing for optimal visibility
  • Included: For your convenience, easy to use adhesive strips that quickly mount your sign
  • Space-saving: Our compact size takes up minimal space on doorways and walls but also clearly conveys its message.
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black, White
Width 9"
Height 3"
Weight 0.3 lbs
30 days
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