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Expand-A-Coil Non-Reinforced Cotton: Absorbs 50% Faster than Non-Compressed Coil Alternatives

Step up your spa game with Intrinsics Expand-A-Coil, the go-to favorite of estheticians and spa owners worldwide. Whether you're perfecting intricate nail art or indulging in soothing spa treatments like facials and waxing, Expand-A-Coil delivers unmatched performance. Crafted from highly absorbent 100% natural cotton, it epitomizes quality and functionality. Its soft yet durable composition ensures swift and effective absorption, outperforming non-compressed coil alternatives by absorbing 50% faster. Made from medical-grade, non-irritating pure cotton, and free from fillers, it promises a safe and gentle experience for practitioners and clients alike.

With its hypoallergenic and biodegradable nature, Expand-A-Coil prioritizes client comfort and environmental sustainability, aligning perfectly with modern spa practices. Packaged in an eco-friendly, space-saving box with a generous length of 650 ft. (3 lbs.), it offers convenience without compromising quality. Elevate your spa treatments with Expand-A-Coil and experience unrivaled performance with an eco-conscious touch!

Product Highlights:

  • Trusted by certified estheticians and premier spas worldwide
  • Made from highly absorbent 100% natural cotton
  • Medical-grade, non-irritating, 100% pure, no fillers
  • Hypoallergenic and biodegradable
  • Soft yet strong, absorbs 50% faster than non-compressed coil
  • Perfect for nail services or general spa use
  • Non-reinforced cotton, 650 ft. (3 lbs.)
  • Packaged in an eco-friendly, space saving box
  • Stores in half the space of original Economy Pack and expands to original size when opened
  • Available in Economy Pak, Portable Pak, Expand-A-Coil
  • Made in USA
  • Material: 100% Natural Cotton
  • Size: 650 ft. long
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: 1 box (3lbs)