GymValet Bottle and Towel Holder

5.00 LBS
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The GymValet is a combined bottle and towel holder that is easy-to-install and universally attachable to virtually all makes and models of exercise equipment. Its multi-purpose design makes it the perfect solution for holding fitness equipment sanitizing supplies, or an exerciser's personal water bottle & towel.

The GymValet was designed and engineered to place all the supplies needed for a safe and efficient workout right at hand.

Exercisers appreciate the improved access to equipment cleaning supplies and their personal water bottle and towel. With the GymValet, fitness facilities experience dramatic improvements in members' compliance with equipment cleaning and sanitizing policies, and improved operating efficiency.

Whether placed on each machine or amid machine "clusters", the GymValet provides "one-step-away" accessibility, and helps protect your facility's investment in its members and equipment.


  • Fits a wide variety of equipment frame shapes up to 16" in circumference. Stays securely in place with no slipping or sliding.
  • No tools are required to install to fitness equipment. A patented attachment fitting and straps make installation a breeze.
  • Fits all frame angles on cardiovascular and strength training equipment, and can even be attached to walls.
  • A unique design that facilitates easy installation, repositioning, or removal with no tools required and no damage to equipment.
  • "Flexible fingers" inside the holder minimize bottle rattling when the GymValet™ is on an actively used piece of equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical.
  • A multi-position towel hook can be attached (and easily repositioned) to one of nine positions which permits optimum accessibility and safety.
  • Can accommodate round bottle sizes up to 32 oz., including personal water bottles.