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Restroom Air Freshener Dispenser | Door Fresh Dispenser

The Door Fresh automatic air freshener dispenser provides an attractive way to freshen any restroom. It continuously freshens the restroom at the source and in the air for 30 days. The Door Fresh is motion-activated, using the movement of stall and entry doors to create air flow that activate the fragrance. The discrete look of the dispenser is a win for even the most discriminating customers. Convenient Brain dispenser is mounted by the entryway door, and reminds you when to replace all of the refills in the entire restroom, using both a blinking red LED reminder and an audible reminder if the refills are not changed after several days. The Drone dispenser, sleek and small, keeps the refills locked and secure inside each stall.


  • Convenient air freshener for use in restrooms
  • Continuously freshens for 30 days
  • Motion-activated
  • A variety of appealing, layered fragrances (sold separately)
  • High-end design with a discrete look
  • Material: Plastic
  • Width: 2.75"
  • Height: 4.75"
  • Depth: 1"
  • Color: White
  • Compliance Standards: Meets the "Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials" criteria under the LEED point management system.
  • Special Features: Brain Dispenser-Mounts by doorway, with a blinking red LED reminder and an audible reminders to let employees know when to change the refills for all in-stall units.

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