Cotton Floor Dust Dry Mop Set

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2.70 LBS
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Cotton Floor Dust/Dry Mop | Alpine Industries 

The Alpine Industries Cotton Floor Dust/Dry Mop Set is a fully equipped, fully packaged cotton floor mop made for commercial and industrial use – meaning, it can take a harsh beating like a pro. Reasonably priced and high quality material will keep your offices spaces, warehouses and garages clean and sparkling. Our cotton floor mop set will offer a wide cleaning path with little to no streaks at all, making clean ups easy and time efficient.


  • A complete mop set made from superb material: Heavy duty cotton mop, a telescopic handle made with aluminum + iron + PP, and an Iron mop frame
  • Wide mop head makes for wide cleaning path, making for simple and time efficient clean up tasks
  • Strong telescopic handle with a clip and attach into the mop head frame, shorten or lengthen the pole to adjust height.
  • Easily slip the mop frame into the mop head with zero the hassle
  • Great for moderate to large cleaning tasks
Head Type Dust Mop
Material Aluminium, Blended Cotton, Iron, PP
Mop Head Color White
Mop Head Size  24", 36" 48"