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GymValet is a specially designed bottle holder that attaches sanitizer spray bottles and towels directly onto cardio and strength equipment with a unique Velcro® strap attachment system. When sanitizing supplies are within arm’s reach from all equipment, members will sanitize equipment surfaces before and after each use — the "new and safe normal" in sanitizing. The GymValet towel holder helps gyms provide the most right-at-hand, convenient, and effective way to prevent virus and germ transmission in the gym. Regarding concerns about reusing the towel that hangs from the GymValet’s hook…scientific research has shown that by continually rewetting the towel with a sanitizing solution, the towel remains clean and safe for repeated use to sanitize equipment.

Alternatively, if desired, GymValet can effectively be used with a paper towel wiping system. When GymValets are attached onto equipment, holding spray bottles only, exercisers can carry a piece of wiping-paper along with them during their workout, conveniently hanging the paper towel on the GymValet hook while they are exercising. By rewetting and refreshing the towel as they go from machine to machine—because the GymValet attaches the spray bottles onto the equipment—exercises can be assured that every piece of equipment is clean and safe for use for themselves and the next user. The benefits are fewer trips back and forth to the paper towel dispensers— saving the exerciser valuable workout time, and saving money for the gym; less paper will be used. A GymValet win-win for everyone!

Additionally, GymValet can be used as a convenient holder for an exerciser’s personal water bottle and hand towel and/or their cell phone.


  • GymValet can be attached onto virtually all makes and models of cardio and strength training  equipment--all frame shapes, angles and circumferences (up to 16"). GymValet can also be  attached to railings, posts, equipment racks, and walls
  • Unique rubber-backed Velcro® straps ensure that GymValets stay securely in place with no  slipping or sliding
  • No tools are required to install GymValet onto fitness equipment, railings, posts and equipment  racks. Installation takes less than one minute! Note: for wall mounting, specific instructions are  provided; tools are required
  • GymValet's unique design facilitates easy installation, repositioning, removal, and cleaning.  With GymValet's no tools required installation, there is no damage to equipment
  • "Flexible fingers" inside the holder-cup eliminate bottle vibration when the GymValet is on an  actively used piece of equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical
  • The multi-position towel hook can be attached (and easily repositioned) to one of nine  locations—through 270 degrees of rotation—which permits optimum user accessibility and  safety
  • GymValet can accommodate round bottle sizes up to 32 oz., including personal hydration  bottles
  • Bottle Capacity: up to 32oz
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 4" W x 4" D
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