Boardwalk General Purpose Vinyl Gloves, Clear, Large (100/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton)

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High-Quality Vinyl Gloves for Safety and Protection

Get protection, functionality, and value with Boardwalk General Purpose Vinyl Gloves. These high-quality, powder-free, and latex-free gloves are designed with a 2.6 mil thickness to ensure excellent tactile sensitivity and superior hand protection. Ideal for a wide range of facilities, from food service and healthcare settings to janitorial and sanitation operations, these clear, large-sized gloves are a must-have for any task requiring cleanliness and precision.

Latex-Free Gloves for Allergy Sensitive Environments

Boardwalk's vinyl gloves are a practical solution for individuals with latex allergies, offering a safe and comfortable alternative without sacrificing performance. Their quick and easy dispensing system means you can get the gloves on and start working with no delay, ensuring efficiency and hygiene in any work environment. Certified safe for food contact applications, these gloves are an essential tool for kitchen staff, catering services, and food processing employees.

Economical and Functional Gloves for Various Industries

Each box of Boardwalk General Purpose Vinyl Gloves contains 100 clear, large gloves, with 10 boxes in each carton, making it simple to stock up and save. Whether you're managing a medical facility, running a restaurant, or overseeing a cleaning service, Boardwalk General Purpose Vinyl Gloves are your go-to choice for reliable hand protection that meets the diverse needs of your staff and operations.

Product Highlights:

  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and protection
  • Ideal for employees with latex allergies
  • Quick and easy to don
  • Safe for food contact applications
  • Gloves offer unparalleled economy, functionality, and value
  • Size: Large
  • Thickness: 2.6 mil
  • Quantity: 100/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton
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