GreenSense Full-size Steam Iron, Motion Smart with ClearView LED light, White (4 Pack)| Sunbeam

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Sunbeam Full-Size Steam Master Iron | Hospitality Essentials

Experience the epitome of professional ironing with the Sunbeam® 4273 GreenSense SteamMaster® Full Size Professional Iron. Designed to surpass your expectations, this iron combines advanced technology, superior performance, and exceptional convenience to make your ironing tasks effortless and efficient. Discover why this iron is the ultimate choice for achieving perfect results.

Illuminate Your Ironing with ClearView LED Light

Ironing has never been easier, even in challenging lighting environments, thanks to the innovative ClearView LED Light featured in the Sunbeam® 4273 GreenSense SteamMaster® Iron. This unique lighting system ensures maximum visibility, allowing you to effortlessly iron every crease with precision and accuracy. Enjoy the perfect ironing experience, no matter the lighting conditions.

Take advantage of the powerful Spray Mist® and Shot Of Steam® features, which penetrate deep into fabrics to remove stubborn wrinkles with ease. The Drip Free and Vertical Steam functions offer precise control and mess-free ironing, giving you the freedom to achieve flawless results on various types of garments and fabrics. And with the Safe Storage Strip® indicator, you'll always know when it's safe to store the iron, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Intelligent Design for Safety and Efficiency

The Sunbeam® 4273 GreenSense SteamMaster® Iron is equipped with the Motion Smart® 3-Way Auto-Off feature, ensuring optimal safety and energy efficiency. This intelligent feature automatically shuts off the iron after 30 seconds of motionlessness when placed horizontally or on its side, and after 15 minutes in an upright position. With this advanced safety mechanism, you can iron with confidence, knowing that your home and loved ones are protected.

Customize your ironing experience with the multiple steam settings, allowing you to adjust the steam intensity according to the fabric you're ironing. The easy-to-operate fabric and temperature dial provides precise control over the ironing process, ensuring optimal results for every garment.

The non-stick soleplate glides effortlessly over fabrics, preventing sticking or snagging. The 12-foot 360° swivel cord offers exceptional maneuverability, giving you the freedom to reach every corner without restrictions. The easy-view water reservoir with a durable slide cover allows for effortless monitoring and refilling, ensuring uninterrupted ironing sessions. Designed to use tap water, this iron eliminates the need for distilled water, simplifying your ironing routine. And when it's time for maintenance, the self-clean feature makes it a breeze to keep your iron in top condition.

Product Highlights:

  • ClearView LED Light for enhanced visibility during ironing
  • Spray Mist® and Shot Of Steam® features for effective wrinkle removal
  • Drip Free and Vertical Steam functions for precise and mess-free ironing
  • Safe Storage Strip® indicates when it's safe to store the iron
  • Motion Smart® 3-Way Auto-Off feature for enhanced safety and energy conservation
  • Multiple steam settings for customized ironing
  • Easy-to-operate fabric and temperature dial for precise control
  • Non-stick soleplate for effortless gliding
  • 12-foot 360° swivel cord for flexibility and easy maneuverability
  • Easy-view water reservoir with durable slide cover
  • Designed to use tap water, eliminating the need for distilled water
  • Self-clean feature for easy maintenance
  • Rated Power: 120V, 60Hz, 1200W
  • Amps: 10 Amps
  • Power Cord: 12 ft. Polarized
  • Approvals: ETL
  • Temp. Range:
    • Normal Oper.: 75°F (+ or - 5°F)
    • Soleplate: 200°F (+20°F to -25°F)
  • Auto Shut-off:
    • 3-way: 15 min. upright
    • 30 sec. horizontal or side
  • Soleplate: Non-stick
  • Product Dimensions: 6.1"x11.6"x4"
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