Aquamenties NEST Triple Amenity Station

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  • NEST Sicilian Tangerine Shampoo, 1 Gallon (+$42.95)
  • NEST Sicilian Tangerine Hair Conditioner, 1 Gallon (+$42.95)
  • NEST Sicilian Tangerine Body Wash, 1 Gallon (+$42.95)

Aquamenities Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser | Hotel Bathroom Luxury

The Aquamenities Triple Amenity Station Fixture offers a luxurious and convenient solution for dispensing the NEST Sicilian Tangerine Bath & Body Care products. Its sleek and durable design adds elegance to hotel bathrooms, while the integrated NEST collection provides guests with a refreshingly aromatic experience. This innovation enhances the guest experience by seamlessly combining functionality with high-end bath amenities, setting a new standard for in-room bathroom luxury.

Luxurious Benefits of NEST Sicilian Tangerine Bath & Body Care

NEST Sicilian Tangerine Bath & Body Care line epitomizes luxury, infusing vibrant scents with high-quality ingredients to elevate bathing rituals. Crafted for those who seek premium bulk bath and body products, the NEST Fragrances NY range provides a cost-effective solution for upscale spas, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals looking to offer their clientele an exceptional and memorable pampering experience. The superior quality and distinctive fragrance profiles set this line apart as an industry advantage, allowing businesses to offer an exclusive touch of indulgence.

Stylish & Sustainable Aquamenties Triple Amenity Station Fixture

Enhance your hospitality services with Aquamenities environmentally-friendly and cost-effective amenity dispensers. The refillable design of this soap dispenser not only saves money by buying bulk but also reduces maintenance costs. As a bonus, this triple dispenser comes with 6 bottles so your maintenance staff can quickly and efficently swap bottles. Elevate your guest experience with premium NEST bath and body products dispensed in the eco-friendly Aquamentities Triple Amenity Dispenser. 

Product Highlights:

  • Free of mineral oil, petrolatum and synthetic color
  • No phthalates and paraben-free
  • Luscious mandarin scent
  • Packed with hydrating ingredients including vitamin E
  • Engineered for sophistication and resistance to corrosion
  • Designed to minimize plastic waste via a reusable format
  • Ideal for enhancing high-end bathroom settings

What's Included:

  • Stainless steel triple amenity fixture
  • (6) 9 oz Bottles
  • (6) Stainless steel polished pumps
  • Locking key
  • Mounting tape
  • Dimensions: 8" x 1.8" x 8"
  • Color: Polished Stainless Steel
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