Aquamenties Farmhouse Fresh Triple Amenity Station

ASP300KIT-Farmhouse Fresh
5.00 LBS
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  • FarmHouse Fresh Shampoo, 4 Gallons (+$106.00)
  • FarmHouse Fresh Conditioner, 4 Gallons (+$106.00)
  • FarmHouse Fresh Body Wash, 4 Gallons (+$106.00)

Eco-Friendly Luxury | Farmhouse Fresh Triple Dispenser

The Aquamenities Triple Dispenser stands as a pinnacle of eco-friendly luxury, seamlessly blending sustainability with indulgence. The sleek design of the dispenser adds a touch of elegance to any shower space, while the Farmhouse Fresh Organics and Naturals Harvest Green ensure a spa-like experience with every use. Uncover the perfect synthesis of green living and lavish self-care with the Aquamenities Triple Dispenser, a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers who demand the best in both function and form.

Farmhouse Fresh Botanical Bath & Body Care Advantages

Immerse yourself in the core of cleanliness using Farmhouse Fresh Organics and Naturals Harvest Green. Our Botanical Bath & Body Care collection utilizes the inherent power of ingredients cultivated on the farm to revitalize and enrich your skin, providing a perfect mix of health and opulence with each environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free item.

Eco-Friendly Aquamenties Triple Amenity Station

This innovative dispenser system is meticulously designed to reduce plastic waste by offering Farmhouse Fresh Botanical Bath & Body Care products in a convenient, reusable format. Guests can pamper themselves with high-quality, natural ingredients, knowing that their environmental footprint is minimized without compromising on sophistication.

Product Highlights:

  • Aromatic fusion of lemongrass and green melon that refreshes your senses and nourished skin
  • Rich-lathering formula that rejuvenates and purifies
  • Engineered for sophistication and resistance to corrosion
  • Designed to minimize plastic waste via a reusable format
  • Ideal for enhancing high-end bathroom settings

What's Included:

  • Stainless steel triple amenity fixture
  • (6) 9 oz Bottles
  • (6) Stainless steel polished pumps
  • Locking key
  • Mounting tape
  • Dimensions: 8" x 1.8" x 8"
  • Color: Polished Stainless Steel
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