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Bobrick Open-Top Waste Receptacle

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36.00 LBS

Bobrick B-2300 Open Top Waste Receptacle

The Bobrick B-2300 Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle is an attractive, modern-looking option for waste disposal in your commercial restroom. Crafted from 24-gauge stainless steel, the waste receptacle is 31 inches high and 15 inches in diameter. To protect the floors from scuffing and scraping, the receptacle has a vinyl full wrap trim, and just above the base, a double external bead provides an eye-catching finishing touch.

With a 6-inch opening, the domed lid made of black cold-rolled steel coated with Bobrick's EXLCOAT textured powder coating, which keeps the mess inside out of sight and completely eliminates the appearance of fingerprints.

  • Bobrick Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle Specifications
  • Bobrick Stainless Steel Cleaning Instructions
Manufacturer Part Number B-2300
Dimensions 15" d x 31" h
Capacity 18 gallon
Material Satin-finish stainless steel
Color Metallic
Weight 36 lbs


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