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Zogics Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayer, Z-DAS

21.40 LBS
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Zogics | Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayer

Great disinfecting delivery system!

"I love this easy to use disinfectant delivery system. Took it out of the box, read the simple instructions and was able to put it into use within minutes. The weight is light enough for almost anyone to carry. You can spray as much or as little as you need. Highly recommend this product!"
– Donna B.

The Zogics Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayer is designed for maximum cleaning efficiency and productivity, with the ability to thoroughly disinfect 8,000-16,000 ft2/hr (coverage subject to target item and respective application rate).

Atomizing Sprayers are different from Electrostatic Sprayers in that they do not electrically charge the solution, but rather utilize ULV (Ultra Low Volume) cold atomization, which attains the same end result, but with higher production/output. The flow-rate of the ULV atomized disinfecting solution can be adjusted up to 2.5 gallons/hour of output, and by adjusting the flow rate, the user can influence the droplet size of the discharge (variable 20 – 50 microns).

The ergonomically-designed is lightweight (21.4 lbs empty / 29.75 lbs full), and features an easy-to-fill 2.6 gallon fluid reservoir tank and 110V AC power, which allows the user to maximize disinfecting productivity while avoiding constant reservoir refills and battery change-outs.

Of the many advantages that the Zogics Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayer affords, a standout is that it can be effectively used with any EPA-registered List N disinfecting solution designated for use with foggers and sprayers, allowing its user greater product access and choice when cleaning their facility.



The on-board power cord is 9ft in length, therefore, we recommend purchasing a 50ft Vinyl Extension Cord to increase your cleaning mobility and range.



Zogics Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayers can be used with water-soluable List N commercial disinfectants designated for use with foggers and sprayers, such as:

waltz-d-gallon-akhca128.jpg ezbleach.jpg
Waltz D
Ready-to-Use Disinfectant
EZ Bleach
Dissolving Tablet Disinfectant


What's Included

  • One (1) Zogics Disinfectant Atomizing Sprayer
  • One (1) 2.6 Gallon Disinfecting Fluid Reservoir Tank


  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) cold atomization is highly efficient
  • Disinfecting solution output can be adjusted up to 2.5 gallons/hour
  • Variable droplet / particles size (20 – 50 microns)
  • Touchless disinfection method eliminates the need for handheld wiping
  • Can be effectively used with any EPA-registered List N disinfecting solution designed for use in foggers/sprayers (must follow usage guidelines per specific disinfectant)

Sectors For Use

  • Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons
  • Daycares, Schools, Universities
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Restaurants, Food Services and Kitchens
  • Ambulances and First Responders
  • Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores
  • Theaters, Stadiums, Amusements Parks
  • Hotels and Cruise Ships

For Use With

Color White
Tank Capacity 2.6 Gallons/10 Liters
Weight 21.4 lbs (empty) / 29.75 lbs (full)
Cord Length 9' L
Power Source 110V AC Power

1-Year Warranty

Your satisfaction is very important to us. It's why we guarantee Zogics Disinfecting Atomizing Sprayer to be free from manufacturer defects for a period of 12-months after purchase.

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