Eco Fresh Non-Para Enzymatic Urinal Block with Enzymes, Cherry Scent, 2.5 oz (12/Box) | Fresh Products

3.20 LBS
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Urinal Block | Eco Fresh

Keep urinals fresh and clean with the Fresh Products Eco Fresh Urinal Block. This block is formulated with surfactants and chelating agents to remove odors at the source. It comes wrapped in a water soluble film and you know it's working when the water turns blue. Outfit all your high traffic restrooms with these urinal blocks.

Product Highlights:

  • Freshens and cleans the urinal for up to 1,000 flushes
  • Block comes wrapped in water soluble film, no need to unwrap
  • Each flush contains powerful surfactants and chelating agents to eliminate odors at their source
  • You know it's working when you see the water turn blue
  • Deodorizer Type: Urinal Block
  • Scent: Cherry
  • Capacity (Weight): 2.5 oz
  • Color: Blue
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