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TimeMist Metered Fragrance Dispenser Refill, Citrus, 6.6 oz (12 refills/case)

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Commercial Air Freshener | Commercial Fragrance Dispenser Refill | TimeMist Metered Fragrance Dispenser Refill

The TimeMist Metered Fragrance Dispenser System will keep your restrooms frest, your cost down and your maintenance at a minimum. Economical and easy to use, this commercial air freshener system dispenses fragrance every 15 minutes for 30 days.

Properly dispensed with the TimeMist Classic Metered Aerosol Fragrance Dispenser, the aerosol air freshener refills contain 6.6 oz of fragrance.


  • Commercial Air Freshener system dispenses fragrance every 15 minutes
  • Air freshener cartridge lasts up to 30 days
  • Aerosol air freshener refill
  • Volume 6.6 oz
    Quantity 12 refills/case
    Scent Citrus

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