Boardwalk Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 16" Handle, 28GY

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Ostrich Feather Duster: Achieve Spotless Surfaces with Ease

Looking for a dusting tool that guarantees exceptional results? Look no further than the Boardwalk Ostrich Feather Duster. Designed with professional-grade gray feathers, this duster takes cleaning to a whole new level.

Clean Your Space with Professional Grade Feather Duster

The secret to the Ostrich Feather Duster's effectiveness lies in its ostrich feather bristles. These bristles have exceptional dust attraction properties, effortlessly capturing even the tiniest dust particles. Say goodbye to a dusty environment and hello to spotless surfaces.

Cleaning should never be a hassle. That's why the feather duster comes with a stained, contoured wood handle that ensures a comfortable grip. The handle also features a convenient hang-up hole for easy storage. Effortless cleaning is just a grab away.

With its superior dust capture abilities, the duster ensures that every surface is dust-free and immaculate. The high-quality ostrich feathers attract and hold dust particles, leaving your home, office, or facility looking its best.

Gentle on All Surfaces, Powerful on Dust

Worried about scratching delicate surfaces? Don't be. The soft and delicate ostrich feathers make this duster gentle yet powerful when it comes to dust removal. From furniture to electronics, you can trust this duster to clean without causing any damage.

Excellent Dust Capture with Ostrich Feather Bristles

Take control of dust with the versatile feather duster. It's perfect for tackling various cleaning tasks, such as furniture, electronics, shelves, blinds, and even ceiling fans. No corner or crevice will be left uncleaned.

By choosing the Boardwalk Ostrich Feather Duster, you're making an eco-friendly choice. This plant-based cleaning tool offers a natural alternative to synthetic dusters, reducing waste and supporting sustainability. Clean your space effectively while caring for the environment.

Product Highlights:

  • Professional quality gray feathers
  • Attracts and holds dust
  • Stained, contoured wood handle with hang-up hole
  • Bristle Material: Ostrich Feather
  • Bristle Color: Gray
  • Bristle Length: 12"
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Handle Color: Gray
  • Maximum Handle Length: 16"
  • Length: 28"
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