16 Gallon Can Liner, 24" x 32", 0.40 mil, Low Density, White (500/Case)

10.20 LBS
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16 Gallon Trash Bags | Heavy Duty Can Liners

Say goodbye to worries about tearing trash bags with Genuine Joe's Linear 16 Gallon Can Liner Low-Density Bags! These heavy-duty bags are perfect for disposing of rough or sharp objects and are built to withstand tough transport conditions. Made with high-quality resin, these bags are designed to offer superior performance and durability. Although they have a lower load capacity compared to HDPE bags, they are incredibly strong and more resistant to tearing. The star-sealed bottom provides excellent leakproof security, ensuring your waste doesn't leak or spill during transport. These bags are specially designed to fit 16-gallon containers, and the dual dispensing box allows for easy access to the bags from various positions. Trust Genuine Joe's Linear Low-Density Bags for a reliable waste management solution that keeps your space clean and organized.

Product Highlights 

  • Leak proof construction
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Star Bottom seal for even distribution
  • Volume Capacity: 16 gal
  • Bag Length: 32"
  • Bag Width: 24"
  • Bag Thickness: 0.40 mil (10 Micron)
  • Density: Low
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