Haiku® With UVGI (UV-C) Technology

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Fans circulate air into an upper-level disinfection zone.
UV-C rays near the zone kill up to 99.99% of pathogens.
Fans return disinfected air to the space below.

Haiku® With UVGI (UV-C) Technology

The epitome of sophistication, Haiku now offers a seamlessly integrated UV-C fixture to deliver healthier, more comfortable conditions with style and innovation.

Product Highlights:

  • CDC-endorsed UVGI (UV-C) technology moves pathogens through an upper-room disinfection zone, then provides clean air to people below
  • Kills 99.99% of airborne pathogens
  • Creates healthier, more comfortable conditions
  • Diameter options of 52, 60, and 84 in.
  • Variety of finish options, controls, and more
  • UV-C technology is retrofittable

Handcrafted with premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge smart home technology, Haiku represents the pinnacle in style and innovation for home ceiling fans. More than 75 international awards attest to its quality, while its world-leading efficiency makes it the perfect choice for energy-conscious homeowners.

Haiku is now part of Clean Air System, the industry’s most effective air disinfection solution. Using powerful airflow and proven ultraviolet light (UV-C) technology, the Haiku safely eliminates airborne pathogens, delivering cleaner, healthier air directly where your people breathe.

Learn more about the Big Ass Fans Clean Air System here.

Used in:

  • Restaurants
  • Classrooms
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Homes
  • Diameter: 52, 60, and 84 in. (132-, 152-, and 213-centimeter) diameter options and 10 luxurious finishes
  • Finishes: Aluminum White, Aluminum Black, Caramel Bamboo, Cocoa Bamboo, Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Aluminum, Chrome Aluminum, Aluminum Driftwood, Brushed Copper
  • Mounting: Universal, standard and low profile
  • Control: SenseMe™ environmental sensors, mobile app control, and voice integration
  • Operational Modes: Sleep, Timer, Whoosh, and Fan Eco special

Manufacturer Warranty

5 Years: Residential
3 Years: Non-Residential

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What is UV-C? add

Ultraviolet light (UV) that operates at wavelengths between 200-280 nanometers (nm) is typically described as being in the UV “C” band. The light in this type of spectrum is not visible to the human eye and can be used to inactivate pathogens in different applications.

How does UV-C technology inactivate pathogens, and specifically what does it do to viruses and bacteria that render them unable to infect humans? add

Energetic UV-C photons (bits of light) damage the RNA and DNA molecules in a virus or bacteria to render these microbes unable to replicate, which makes them non-infectious.

How does Haiku with UV-C technology interact with airflow from a ceiling fan? add

Studies have shown that limited air mixing can reduce the effectiveness of air-based germicidal UV-C systems. The use of ceiling fans for air mixing has been shown to increase UV effectiveness by more than 60% (source). The CDC notes even larger increases in performance when UV-C and ceiling fans are used together. “In a room without adequate air mixing under experimental laboratory conditions, the GUV system effectiveness increased from 12% to 89% when a mixing fan was used.” (source)

Why is Germicidal UV Effective for Human Airborne Pathogens? add

Germicidal UV is a long-established, evidence-based, safe, and effective strategy for mitigating airborne transmission in rooms where person-to-person risk is greatest. All known pathogens are vulnerable to germicidal UV with variable susceptibility. Respiratory viruses suspended in air are especially vulnerable to UV, but even UV-resistant TB and fungal organisms are easily inactivated using UV. Upper-room GUV has an advantage over in-duct UV by mitigating person-to-person transmission within the room where high concentrations of pathogens increase risk. Advances in the UV industry, including UV-C LEDs and innovative fixture designs, ceiling fan and UV integration, and safe whole-room air and surface disinfection are revolutionizing the application widely to create healthier spaces. Upper room UV air disinfection has a long track record of safety and efficacy based on room experiments and field studies against a wide range of known pathogens and airborne health threats.

Does UV-C produce ozone? add

DUltraviolet wavelengths of 185 nm can generate ozone, but at longer wavelengths ranging from 250 to 260 nm, ozone is destroyed (source). The output of Haiku with UV-C’s LEDs peak at 265nm, with the vast majority of light output in the 255nm to 273nm range, so ozone is not generated.

How do I install Haiku with UV-C technology? add

No special or additional effort is required to install Haiku with UV-C technology. The UV-C fixture sits atop the Haiku motor and is operated with an included remote control or via the Big Ass Fans mobile app. Please note, Haiku UV-C LED units have a rated use lifetime (9,000 hours) and require replacement when exhausted. For larger installations, Haiku with UV-C technology can also be used with BMS systems that are 0-10v ready.

Is the Haiku UV-C technology retrofittable with my current Haiku ceiling fan? add

Haiku models produced in 2020 with SKU codes ending in “G9” are retrofittable. All prior model Haiku ceiling fans are not retrofittable.

What is the Haiku’s Clean Mode? add

Clean Mode is the process in which the UV-C LED fixture on the Haiku unit powers on and actively operates to disinfect and mix the air within the fan’s affected area.

Can I operate the Haiku’s Clean Mode continuously? add

Yes. Clean Mode may be operated continuously according to recommended guidelines. The lifetime of the UV-C LEDs will increase if Clean Mode is not operated continuously.

How do I start Clean Mode? Is it available on smart devices? add

Clean Mode must be triggered via remote control or via the Big Ass Fans mobile app.

How do I know Clean Mode is working? add

Ultraviolet light (UV) is not visible to the naked eye. When the Haiku with UV-C technology is in operation, a blue light will be illuminated, indicating that Clean Mode is actively operating.

Can the Haiku Clean Mode blue light be dimmed or turned off? add

No. The Clean Mode light will always be on if the UV-C lights are in operation. The Clean Mode feature can be turned off so that the fan may operate in regular use without the cleaning function.

Can I run my fan in any speed or direction while the Clean Mode is operating the UV-C unit? add

Yes. Initiating Clean Mode will start the cleaning process. Your fan can operate normally during that time.

Does the fan need to be on while Clean Mode is operational? add

Yes. Haiku’s powerful motor works to mix the air in your space while the UV-C technology inactivates unwanted pathogens. It is important to leverage the powerful airflow of Haiku while operating the UV-C technology in Clean Mode. Without the airflow generating from the Haiku ceiling fan, the UV-C technology would only sanitize the air directly surrounding the UV-C fixture. Operating the ceiling fan in combination with the UV-C fixture brings sanitized air down to the occupant level.

How often do I need to change the Haiku UV-C diodes/lights? add

The Haiku UV-C fixture can be replaced at any time to maintain maximum operational efficiency. The rated life for Haiku UV-C diodes is about 9,000 hours or about 375 days of continuous use. Using the Big Ass Fans mobile app, users will be able to track Clean Mode usage to gauge the wider lifetime availability of the product and receive a notification when their board needs replacement.

Is there any mercury present in the UV-C technology? add

Haiku UV-C utilizes LED technology and not older mercury lamps.

Is this technology safe for my family and pets? add

Yes. It is not dangerous to occupy the space while Haiku with UV-C technology (Clean Mode) is in operation. The Haiku UV-C unit will only operate and disinfect while the airfoils of the fan are in operation. Big Ass Fans conducted use testing via a third-party laboratory and there was no assessed risk to occupants below the blade level.

Is this technology safe for my eyes? add

When operated correctly, Haiku with UV-C technology is safe for your eyes.

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