The Cleaning Station by Zogics

The Cleaning Station by Zogics

All-in-one wipe, sanitizer & storage solution

The Cleaning Station offers a unique combination of features, advantages and add-ons that make it adaptable for a variety of needs.

The Cleaning Station by Zogics - All-in-one wipe, sanitizer, and storage solution

Complete & Convenient Cleaning

Solve all of your hygiene issues at once with The Cleaning Station. This sleek dispenser contains everything you need to clean equipment, wipe off any surface, and sanitize your hands.


Pull your choice of a pre-moistened wipe or dry towel.


Wipe down your desired equipment or surfaces.


Toss the used wipe or towel into the hidden trash receptacle.


Clean your hands with the mounted hand sanitizer dispenser.

The Cleaning Station
All-in-one wipe, sanitizer, & storage solution

Cleanliness and functionality are at the top of your members’ list. The Cleaning Station offers the ultimate system for keeping your facility clean and your members healthy. Made of high quality plastic, this sleek free-standing gym wipe dispenser and hand sanitizer system works and looks great in any facility.

  • Dispenses wet wipes or dry towels with interchangeable nozzles
  • Built-in shelf for hand sanitizer dispenser (included FREE)
  • Hidden trash bin with removable waste basket (included FREE)
  • 4 shelves provide access to spray bottles, folded towels, & more
  • Sturdy base for stability
  • Optional casters for easy mobility
  • Available in a black or silver finish


Customize Your Cleaning Station

Solve all of your hygiene issues at once with The Cleaning Station. This sleek dispenser contains everything you need to clean equipment, wipe off any surface, and sanitize your hands.

Order your core products:

Wipes >

Choose your preferred Zogics disinfecting wipes

Dry Towels >

Or choose bulk paper towels for your Cleaning Station

Hand Sanitizer >

Order easy-to-use gel hand sanitizer pouches

Stock your Cleaning Station shelves:

The Cleaning Station has ample shelving space that’s ideal for storing additional cleaning products, spray bottles, gym towels, and more.

Add on accessories or buy replacement parts:

Keeping facilities clean in every industry

Maintain fitness equipment & keep your staff and members healthy

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your gym is having the right cleaning tools to arm your staff and gym members with. The Cleaning Station is the perfect partner to promote the importance of cleanliness at your gym.

Facility & equipment maintenance are huge factors for attracting, and more importantly, retaining gym members.

With The Cleaning Station, get the results you’re looking for:
  • Attract new members
  • Maintain present members & reduce attrition
  • Obtain a strong bottom line
  • Keep well maintained equipment
  • Increase the lifespan of your equipment investment
  • Brand a clean facility
  • Provide a healthy environment
  • Reduce employee sick days
Perfect for every fitness facility type

The Cleaning Station is versatile enough to be used in nearly every type of fitness facility.

  • Health clubs & gyms
  • Military training
  • Boutique studios
  • Athletic training centers
  • Group fitness
  • Recreational centers

Wet & dry wipe dispensing systems for every application

Wipes where you want them

Our wide range of wipe & towel dispensers covers every type of facility’s cleaning needs. From the all-in-one Cleaning Station to our sleek, Stainless Steel Floor Dispenser and portable bucket options, Zogics is the number one source for sanitizing and dispensing products.


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