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Lucid Drone Technologies

Since 2008, Lucid Drones has helped service providers and facility owners clean faster, with less risk, overhead, and site impact. A robust, end-to-end disinfecting solution that covers over 200,000 square feet per hour, the rapid response D1 Disinfecting Drone is ready for deployment for any large space facility.

Cost-effective: To disinfect a large space you need only one drone, two people & disinfecting solution, versus dozens of backpack sprayers and staff.

Rapid: Drones disinfect up to 20x faster than disinfecting backpack sprayers.

Scalable: Tackle more jobs at once with fast electrostatic nozzles.

Lucid Disinfecting Drone D1

The D1 Disinfecting Drone uses an onboard tank and two downward facing nozzles to apply disinfecting solutions (any disinfectant of the users choice can be used, but we recommend our List-N disinfectants to fight COVID-19) to surfaces. As the drone flies, the disinfectant is distributed over the surface area by electrostatic sprayers that are built into the drone for total coverage of the surface area.

A trained user flies the drone using a handheld remote control and a first-person view camera that streams the video feed to the controller to allow for oversight on where the drone is spraying. The disinfecting drone will spray for 10 minutes, but its batteries last up to 15 minutes. Four sets of batteries, a charger and a travel case are included with the D1 Disinfecting Drone, and it’s recommended to replace the batteries when refilling the chemical tank.

As the world is working on how to safely reopen public spaces during a pandemic, remote cleaning solutions like the D1 Disinfecting Drone have emerged as a high profile way of disinfecting large areas efficiently, while being able to keep cleaning staff socially distanced from one another.


The D1 Disinfecting Drone will cover 200,000 square feet in one hour, which is up to 20 times faster than traditional disinfecting methods. That makes the disinfectant drone ideal for locations like stadiums, arenas, sports complexes, and more. These areas will be required to get cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day as communities are allowed back into those spaces.

With these indoor and outdoor public spaces needing to be thoroughly disinfected multiple times a day, it has become an impractical job for workers. Not only do these drones save time, but they also keep the chemicals away from employees that would otherwise be spraying potentially harmful chemicals.


According to the WHO, evidence suggests that the Coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces for a few hours or even many days. This means that once a person touches a surface, it must be disinfected again to eliminate the risk of virus transmission. At minimum, the disinfecting drone should be used after the space has been used. For some facilities like stadiums or arenas that host multiple events in a day, they should be using their disinfecting drone after each event.

One thing to note on the efficiency of disinfecting drones: cleaning a stadium to an acceptable level, reaching every inch of each seat, would easily take a crew of 30 to 40 people. This puts so many more workers at risk of catching the illness. With a disinfecting done, that risk is eliminated.


Cutting-edge engineering pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a new way to disinfect large spaces.


All drones are thoroughly tested and robust customer support keeps you and your drone flying.


Every Lucid drone is built in the USA onsite in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lucid Drone disinfecting drone sprayingina stadium

When disinfecting large spaces like fitness centers, arenas, convention centers, and more, you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency of the D1 Disinfecting Drone. When compared to traditional backpack sprayers, the Lucid D1 Disinfecting Drone saves you both time and money.

With each drone lease, you’ll enjoy extensive training, FREE repairs and replacements in seven days should you require, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your entire facility has been disinfected.


No other technology matches the speed and efficiency of the D1 Drone. This purpose-built, chemical-agnostic drone works with any List-N disinfectant to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. It’s safer for the operators too, as the crews are removed from the area being sprayed.

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D1 Disinfecting Drone from Lucid Drone Technologies

D1 is designed and fine-tuned for stability and safety.


D1 was purpose-built for optimal disinfecting solution application.


2.5 gallon wide-mouth tank for easy refills of disinfecting solution.


We monitor the drone's health while you focus on disinfecting.

  • Simple interface for intuitive flying
  • The transmitter is compatible with a Samsung Tablet (also included)
  • Lucid configured additional features to improve the ease of disinfecting
  • Simple interface for intuitive charging
  • Lucid builds their own battery chargers, optimized for this use case
  • 8 batteries provided keep your drone in the air
  • The cart makes for easy transportation fo the drone around a job site
  • The cart is large enough for your drone, power pack, liquid container and PPE
How does the D1 Disinfecting Drone work?add

The D1 Disinfecting Drone uses an onboard tank and two downward facing nozzles to apply disinfecting solutions to surfaces.

What equipment is included with your system? add

The drone features an onboard chemical tank and two downward facing nozzles. Also included are a handheld controller, a first-person view camera that streams the video feed to the controller, 4 sets of batteries, a charger, and a travel case for your drone.

How large is the tank on the drone? add

10L (2.64 gallons).

What is the maximum flight time of one of your drones? add

The disinfecting drone will spray for 10 minutes, but its batteries last up to 15 minutes. Customers are trained to replace their batteries when they refill the chemical tank.

How big are your drones? add

Unfolded, the drone is roughly 53 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. When you fold the drone, it fits into a 24” cubed travel case.

Is there an available maintenance program? add

Yes! Lucid Drones offers remote technical support and data maintenance to ensure customer success.

How do I know if the disinfecting is effective? add

You can use a luminometer sensor before disinfecting to show the presence of ATP on a surface and then take another measurement after to ensure that you achieve a lower value.

Are the drones hard to operate? add

No. Lucid Drones innovative disinfecting drones are built and programmed with ease-of-use in mind.

Do you provide the pilot if we want/need one? add

A company and its employees are generally trained on how to operate our drones. However, in unique circumstances, Lucid Drones can provide a pilot for specific projects.

What is required for insurance to operate a drone? add

Third party companies wishing to operate a D1 Disinfecting Drone will need to obtain drone aviation insurance.

What licenses or FAA credentials do I need to operate a drone? add

In order to fly our drone, you must obtain your FAA Part 107 license.

Do you provide flight operation training? add

We can connect you to hands-on flight training to ensure that you and your employees are competent pilots.

How long does it take to able to operate your drones effectively? add

For basic flight controls, most pilots are able to begin effectively flying within 5 minutes. However, we spend a full day with new pilots to run through various scenarios, safety precautions, and make sure they are appropriately prepared for the majority of situations that may occur on the job.


Configured for stability and safety, the C1 Cleaning Drone is purpose-built to softwash multi-story office building exteriors quickly and efficiently. Clean windows, brick, rooftops, and more with the C1 Cleaning Drone.

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C1 is designed for stability and safety.


Designed with cleaning in mind.


Captures pictures & video while flying.


We monitor the drone's health while you focus on cleaning.

  • Simple interface for intuitive flying
  • The transmitter is compatible with a Samsung Tablet (also included)
  • Lucid configured additional features to improve the ease of disinfecting
  • Custom built to your softwashing needs
  • Clean with effective and specially designed cleaning solutions for window cleaning
  • Waterproof cases to keep your drone safe
  • Added security when storing your drone
  • Trailers give greater flexibility compared to simply using a truck bed
  • Contact us for custom trailer sizes
How does the C1 Cleaning Drone work?add

The drone is tethered to an on-ground cleaning system and utilizes a low-pressure cleaning method. The drone uses cleaning solutions to do the “heavy-lifting” of cleaning, rather than relying on high pressures, which can potentially cause damage to the surfaces.

How high can the drone fly? add

Customers are limited to flying the drone up to 110 ft. per the current FAA guidelines. The height is calculated by using a max. payload weight of 55 lbs (set by FAA) and determining what elevation the drone, hoses and fluids get to that limit.

How strong is the pressure used to clean? add

Lucid drones use a low-pressure cleaning technique (less than 300 PSI). The pump systems produces roughly 8 GPM of flow.

How long do the batteries last? add

Approximately 15 minutes.

Can I use my own pump? add

You bet, just let us know what system you are using, and we will work to ensure your cleaning system is good-to-go with the C1 drone.

How do I transport the cleaning drone? add

The C1 drone folds down into a much smaller footprint and can fit inside a travel case, which we provide for all customers.

Do I need a license to fly the cleaning drone? add

Yes, you will need your Part 107 license from the FAA. We provide all our customers with the study material needed to pass the test. Of the 20,000+ people that have taken this course, there is a 99% pass rate!

How easy is it to fly? add

Very easy! No prior drone experience is required. We have a demonstrated history of training individuals to successfully fly Lucid drones that have no background with drones.

What's included when you purchase a drone? add

C1 Cleaning Drone

  • Customized cleaning bracket
  • Cam and groove adapter for quick connect/disconnect with hoses
  • First-person view camera
  • Customized nozzles for drone cleaning
  • Handheld controller actively displays a video feed
  • 4 battery sets (8 total batteries)
  • Customized charger to allow you to efficiently recharge your batteries
  • Pelican travel case for the drone
  • Transport Cart
  • Washdown pump
  • 2 day of training (travel expenses not included)
  • Aviation insurance rebate
  • Support/service program

What additional equipment is needed? add

You will need a softwash pump set up which would be mounted to a trailer or in the back of a truck bed. We have custom softwash pump rigs available for purchase.

What does training look like? add

Training is conducted locally in Charlotte, NC over the courseof two days. Prior to on-site training, we send study materials for our customers to pass their FAA exam, as well as basic information on drone cleaning operations. While in Charlotte, we educate our customers on all of the knowledge they need to know in order to operate our drones competently and confidently, such as battery charging, flight skills, transportation guidelines, safety protocols, and more.

What chemicals do you use? add

We have an approved chemical program. All of our customers receive access tothis list, and we help our customers buy their chemicals for the most cost-effective rates.

How is the overspray? add

The C1 gets you closer to the building than traditional methods = less overspray.

How does the C1 handle bleach? add

All components are designed to handle high levels of bleach exposure -carbon fiber, stainless, aluminum, plastic.

How do you rinse down (the building) after you clean with the C1? add

The C1 hooks to existing softwash rigs and has an on/off switch on the controller (turns the nozzle on/off). This allows you to switch over to water for rinsing at any time.

What type of pump do I need? add

A 290psi 6gpm diaphragm pump works great. There are lots of options, so just ask!


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