PUR:ONE Disinfecting Tablets

Effervescent cleaner & disinfectant tablets
PUR:ONE Disinfecting Tablets

What are PUR:ONE tablets?

PUR:ONE tablets combine the disinfectant capability of PURTABS with an added surfactant to clean. Like PURTABS, they dissolve in water, but are intended to be applied via spray bottle, mop/bucket and microfiber mops and cloths, not the Protexus electrostatic sprayer. PUR:ONE can be used to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, and its neutral chemistry makes it ideal for use on floors as well. As part of the EvaClean system, PUR:ONE is the first step in infection prevention.

EPA registered disinfectant for use with spray bottles, microfiber, and mops.

PUR:ONE vs. Conventional Methods

PUR:ONE is the first chemical with an EPA registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm.

Biofilm forms when bacteria join together on a surface in clumps and form a protective coating around themselves that make them resistant to disinfectants. Because 93% of all critical surfaces in hospitals and similar facilities harbor biofilm, it is absolutely essential that your cleaning products and protocols effectively defend against this serious health threat.

When used at 4306 PPM concentration, PUR:ONE will kill COVID-19 in one minute.

The first disinfectant with an EPA registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm.
2 Tablet Sizes

2 Tablet Sizes

Convenient dilution at any concentration
Save Money

Save Money

No need for multiple cleaning products
Accurate Dilution

Accurate Dilution

More accurate than chemical dispensers
NADCC concentrated tablet

NADCC concentrated tablet

Mixes with normal tap water to create HOCL
Effective Against Germs

Effective Against Germs

Sporicidal solution kills C.diff in 4 minutes


Solution lasts 3 days in closed container
Save Space

Save Space

One cleaning product = more storage space
Effective Against COVID-19

Effective Against COVID-19

When diluted at 4306PPM

How PUR:ONE Works

Perfect companions to our new Pro-Series Super Rag Universal Towels and Refillable Charging Buckets, it’s easy to create your own wipes for use in educational settings, healthcare, janitorial services, and the like. Simply place the towels into the refillable bucket, dilute PUR:ONE in water to your desired solution/PPM concentration, then pour the solution into charging buckets. The solution will remain stable for three days.

PUR:ONE Efficacy

Kill Claims & Dilution Chart

Kill Claims Concentration Dilution
Food contact surface sanitizer (no rinse)
60 seconds contact time
100 PPM (1) 334mg tab / 1qt
(1) 3.3g tab / 2.5gal
(1)13.1 tab / 10gal
Hospital grade disinfectant claims (bleach alternative)
Cold & flu virus (including H1N2)
Salmonella & Staph
538 PPM (6) 334mg tabs / 1qt
(1) 3.3g tab / 2qts
Bloodborne pathogen, Herpes & Polio, Norovirus, MRSA & Ecoli, HIV & Hepatitis B claims
Many animal pathogens
1076 PPM (11) 334mg tabs / 1qt
(1) 3.3g tab / 1qt
(1) 13.1g tab / 1gal
C. Diff spore 10 minute claim 2153 PPM (2) 3.3g tabs / 1qt
(2) 13.1g tabs / 1gal
C. Diff spore 4 minute claim 4306 PPM (4) 3.3g tabs / 1qt
(4) 13.1g tabs / 1gal
Emerging pathogen (COVID-19)
1 minute claim
4306 PPM (4) 3.3g tabs / 1qt
(4) 13.1g tabs / 1gal

Industries Served

PUR:ONE in the Healthcare Industry

Leading hospitals and local clinics trust PUR:ONE for preventing outbreaks ranging from flu to C. diff.

PUR:ONE in Food Service

Food Service
PUR:ONE is used to sanitize food contact surfaces and equipment in cafeterias, restaurants, and wholesale facilities.

PUR:ONE in Educational Facilities

PUR:ONE keeps students, teachers, and staff healthier by giving facilities from early childhood education to universities the ability to sanitize and disinfect more proactively and more thoroughly than ever before.

PUR:ONE in the Fitness Industry

Gyms and other athletic facilities rely on PUR:ONE for disinfecting equipment, eliminating odors, and maintaining a healthy environment.

PUR:ONE in Corporate and Office Settings

Corporate & Offices
Offices and business centers rely on PUR:ONE for keeping workers healthy, disinfecting facilities, and maintaining a healthy environment.

PUR:ONE Product List


Our best value at 256 tablets per tub.Tablets are larger in size, suitable for making gallon-sized or larger solutions. Ideal for large-scale cleaning and disinfection.

PUR:ONE Product List


The same larger size tablets in a smaller sized package, suitable for making gallon-sized or larger solutions. Ideal for large-scale cleaning and disinfection.

PUR:ONE Product List


Smaller sized tablets ideal for making solutions in quart size, perfect for spray bottle application.

Frequently Asked Questions


(:1f535:) Do you use PUR:ONE with Protexus?

No. PUR:ONE tablets are designed to be dissolved in tap water and used with spray bottles, mop/bucket and microfiber mops and cloths.

(:1f535:) Is this safe to use around people? in a nursing home?

Per the manufacturer, EvaClean, since the PUR:ONE product is not being sprayed (rather applied to a cloth and then wiped on surfaces to disinfect), it is completely safe to use around all ages, including elderly people. PUR:ONE is non caustic (like bleach) and it is Ph balanced at 6.5 to 7 PPM.

(:1f535:) What are PUR:ONE and PURTABS made of, what chemicals are in it?

Both PUR:ONE and PURTABS Chemistry is based around NaDCC, an organic chlorine donor which releases Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and Monosodium Cyanurate (NaOCl) when dissolved in water. PUR:ONE, unlike PURTABS, has a surfactant to help kill bacteria in biofilm. PURTABS are formulated for final disinfection with touchless electrostatic application. PUR:ONE is the front end of the EvaClean Program used for cleaning and disinfecting, while PURTABS, when used with the Protexus sprayers, complete the final enhanced disinfection.

(:1f535:) Do PUR:ONE and PURTABS have a smell?

Yes. PUR:ONE and PURTABS have a slight chlorine smell that dissipates quickly after application leaving what most end users describe as a “clean” or “sterile” smell.