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Sentry Outdoor Trash Can | Unmatched Durability and Ease-of-Use

Outlast the elements with the Sentry. Built from rust-resistant low-density polyethylene and a bottom-weighted design, it guarantees maximum durability. Ideal for parks, fitness centers, gyms, and more, the Sentry's large opening eases waste disposal plus accommodates larger waste volume, reducing emptying frequency. The added bonus? Its unique textured facade masks wear and tear effectively.

Practical and Low Maintenance

This outdoor trash can has a large opening and rain hood to prevent moisture in the the bin. Plus, this heavy duty outdoor trash bin has a large, 45-gallon capacity that reduces the need for frequent emptying. Choose the Busch Systems 45 Gallon Sentry Trash Can – a cost-effective solution to help manage any facility.

Product Highlights:

  • Robust design made of rust-resistant low-density polyethylene
  • Bottom-weighted structure ensures unmatched stability
  • Large opening to accommodate efficient waste disposal
  • Ideal for high traffic facilities like parks, fitness centers, gyms
  • Quick setup and low-maintenance design
  • Cleverly conceals wear and tear with a distinct textured skin
  • Dimensions: 24" W x 41" H x 24" D
  • Capacity: 45 Gallons
  • Material: LDPE
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 28 pounds
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