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Workplace Wellness

Zogics Workplace Wellness Program

Our Workplace Wellness Program

Whether you're converting a conference room into a yoga/meditation space or building a state of the art company gym, we draw on more than a decade of experience in the wellness industry to help you achieve your organizations health goals. Our suite of workplace wellness solutions are designed to:

• Increase organizational productivity and employee performance

• Improve employee morale and job satisfaction

• Enhance recruitment and retention

• Decrease absenteeism

• Lower healthcare costs

• Reduce stress

• Build community

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How We Can Help

Our experts are here to guide you through each phase of your workplace wellness project:
Workplace Wellness Strategy


We start by conducting a comprehensive planning session with you. Tell us about your organization's specific needs and we'll tailor our solutions to help you implement your wellness vision.

• Survey wellness goals and preferences

• Assess space opportunities

• Assess scope and budget

Workplace Wellness Selection


We work with you to select the best equipment for your wellness goals. From yoga rooms to complete fitness centers, we supply the solutions that help you optimize for health, fitness and impact.

• Wellness space design and layout

• Fitness equipment recommendations

• Install and service

Workplace Wellness Program


Partnering with some of the best wellness practitioners in the country, we can deliver a wide range of integrated wellness services to provide training, education and monitoring of your wellness program.

• Fitness assessments

• Personal training and class instruction

• Wellness plan design and monitoring

Ready For More?

Please feel free to get in touch with us at any stage of your project. Fill out the quick form below and we'll get back to you on the double.

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