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Customer Testimonials

We love our customers. And we're pretty sure it's mutual...

"Thanks so much for all the great service and support you and all the staff at Zogics provide. I so love that I can call, hear a friendly voice, and get exactly what I need with such simplicity. Refreshing to have a simple 3 minute phone call be all that is necessary to get my needs met. Love the new quicker delivery as well. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING."

Community Center, AZ

"Best gym wipe I've used. Economical, attractive and functional dispensers. Customer service is superb - all the time!"

Anytime Fitness, CO

"We like to use Zogics equipment wipes not only because they are a great product but because they are just a great company to do business with. Thanks Zogics for helping us keep clean."

Fitness Center, FL

"These wipes have just the right amount of moisture; other wipes that we had looked at were way too wet and left a film. This product is by far the best on the market, nice smell, the wipe has substance, and makes all our members feel confident that our club equipment is very clean."

Snap Fitness, FL

"We recently tried some wipes through one of our preferred vendors and the others didn't compare. So, thanks for a great product!"

Anytime Fitness, TX

"Zogics has the best customer service! If I have a problem or a question their staff is always helpful and courteous. We have also found their gym wipes to be by far the most cost effective compared to alternatives. On top of that, we personally like the wipes themselves better than the more expensive brands – they never fall apart or dry out."

Community Center, MD

"I LOVE Zogics wipes!! We have tried several other brands of wipes and Zogics by far are the best, they last twice as long so that's less time I have to spend on refilling the dispensers and more time I can use for selling memberships!"

Anytime Fitness, AL

"Thanks for the great customer service, Zogics! I appreciate it and love the gym wipes!:)"

Fitness Center, OR

"Just had a member comment on the Zogics wipes. He is loving the smell and the wipes are what sold his membership to Anytime Fitness. So thank you Zogics!!"

Anytime Fitness, MA

"Your alcohol free hand sanitizer has been keeping me healthy since I started using it a few months ago! Considering I work with over 300 elementary students every week, I'd say "that's fantastic!" I don't go a day without using it, thank you!"

K-5 Teacher, MA

"We used to use paper towels and a spray bottle - no one could ever find the spray bottle, it was messy and we had to refill the bottles all the time. We and our members are sooo happy with the Zogics wipes and dispensers! They work great, are easy to install and smell good too! Our order is always shipped on time and gets to us in a very timely fashion - which is great since we tend to wait until the last minute to order! We also love that a portion goes back to the help the environment - that's awesome!"

Anytime Fitness, VA

"We received amazing feedback about these wipes!! Our members love them and so do we!"


"Zogics has been the most cost effective way to manage my cleaning needs for the gym. The product is in my opinion superior to other products we have tried. But it is definitely the staff that takes this company to the next level. Anytime I have had a question I am able to call/email and actually get a response from someone who sounds like they have a hand in the business rather than just some customer service person who is unable to help. Being a non-profit service facility I can appreciate other businesses who give back to the community!"


"Zogics is without a doubt the most inclusive and customer service conscious company I have had the pleasure of working with. Anything you want or need, Zogics will find as if they are your very own health club, fitness center or wellness concierge."

Florida Polytechnic University, FL

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