Stroops Product Selection Guide

Stroops Product Selection Guide

Outfit your facility with Stroops resistance bands, anchors, conditioning equipment, and cardio easily with this step-by-step product selection guide. Stroops products are versatile enough to be used by almost any training style, and portable layout configurations make building a full program extremely simple.

What's your training style?

Whatever you workout with, there's a collection of Stroops products for you. See them in action below, and find out how you can enhance your workouts (and your facility) with Stroops.

Stroops for pilates, barre, and studio facilities

Pilate / Barre / Studio

Stroops for high intensity interval training


Stroops for group fitness training

Group Fitness

Stroops for athletic performance training

Athletic Performance

Stroops for personal training

Personal Training

Stroops for MMA training

Mixed Martial Arts

Facility layouts with Stroops

Build your space with form and function top of mind. Stroops products are designed for portability and maximing available space, from anchors to body attachments and resistant bands. Take a look at some sample layouts for different types of facilities, all outfitted with Stroops equipment.

Athletic Performance


Example of athletic performance facility with Stroops products

Product Selection Guide


Now that you have an idea of what type of products you’ll need for your specific type of training facility, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you hone in on the best Stroops products to reach your goals. Click on any of the buttons below to jump around the guide.

Step 1-Anchors
Step 2-Essentials
Step 3-Storage
Step 4-Bars
Step 5-Cardio
Step 6-Agility
Step 7-Resistance Bands
Step 8-Battle Ropes
Step 9-Speed and Acceleration
Step 10-Accessories

Step 1: Pick your anchoring option

Choose your ideal type of anchor to workout with. Go permanent with an affixed wall anchor or stay portable for the ultimate flexibility in your training space.
Stroops Performance Station
Performance Station
Permanent Anchor

Olympic barbell rack and Slastix anchor

Stroops The Spine Wall-Mounted Anchoring System
The Spine
Permanent Anchor

Low profile anchor available in 78”, 48”, and Mini sizes (for light duty capacity)

Stroops Wall Anchor
Wall Anchor
Permanent Anchor

Simple and effective anchor

Stroops Revolution Portable Rotating Anchoring System
Portable Anchor

Group fitness anchor with rotating top

Stroops Connectus Portable Anchoring System
Portable Anchor

Portable barre & Slastix anchor

Stroops Predator Sled
Predator Sled
Portable Anchor

All-in-one push sled, plyobox, & anchor

Stroops Portable Base Anchoring System
Portable Base
Portable Anchor

Weight loaded ground anchor for Slastix or Beast

Stroops The Spine Strap Anchoring System
Spine Strap
Portable Anchor

Slastix anchor that secures around standard doors

Step 2: Grab the essentials

Once you have your anchors selected, start with these essential Stroops products that are perfect for any type of training.
Stroops VITL Resistance Band Training Kit
All-in-one resistance band training system

  • (4) 36" Medium Slastix
  • (2) Handles)
  • (2) Foot Straps
  • (1) Swivel Belt
  • (2) Anchors
  • (5) Agility Dots
  • (1) Cinch Bag
Stroops Slastix Resistance Band with Clips

Available in 5 resistance levels

Stroops Foot Strap
Foot Strap

Adjusts for barefoot or over-the-shoe usage

Stroops Textured Grip Handle
Textured Grip Handle

Provides comfortable, non-slip grip

Stroops Universal Swivel Belt
Swivel Belt

Adjustable from child size to 50"

Stroops Ankle Cuff
Ankle Cuff

Padded for comfort, one size fits all

Stroops Cloth Anchor
Cloth Anchor

Available in 18" or 32" lengths, 350lb resistance capacity

Step 3: Select your storage solution

Stroops products are made to not only work well for your members, but also for your space. A variety of storage solutions keep your Stroops bands, battle ropes, and more organized and tidy.
Stroops Equipment Storage Rack
Equipment Storage Rack

Organize stability balls, medicine balls, Slastix, & attachments

Stroops Wall-Mounted Jump Rope Rack
Jump Rope Rack

Wall-mounted steel peg rack

Stroops Wall-Mounted Medicine Ball Rack
Wall Mount Medicine Ball Rack

Wall-mounted medicine ball organizer

Stroops Free-Standing Medicine Ball Rack
5 Ball Medicine Ball Rack

Free standing rack holds 5 medicine balls

Stroops Wall-Mounted Rope Holder
Rope Holder

Wall-mounted heavy rope holder

Step 4: Add attachment bars

Pair your Slastix resistance bands with bar attachments to create the ultimate functional training tool.
Stroops Fit Stik Pro Bar, 43in
Fit Stik Pro

43" long, 1" diameter padded bar with swivel eyelet ends

Stroops Long Bar, 53in
Long Bar

53" stainless steel bar with swivel eyelet ends

Stroops Shorty Bar
Shorty Bar

18" aluminum bar with swivel eyelet ends

Stroops Fat Bar
Fat Bar

39" long, 1.5" diameter steel bar with swivel eyelet endds

Step 5: Add cardio equipment

Compliment your functional training space with Stroops cardio equipment. Like all other Stroops products, their cardio is built with portability in mind to maximize your space.
Stroops SRX Collapsible Rowing Machine
SRX Rower

Premium rower with collapsible design for easy storage

Stroops Self-Propelled Curved Treadmill
Curved Treadmill

Self-propelled, quiet operation, easily folds up for storage

Stroops Air Bike
Air Bike

Motorless mechanics, programmable display, easily folds up for storage

Step 7: Shop resistance bands

Stroops Slastix are premium resistance bands that feature an innovative elastic sleeve that covers the inner tubing, providing better protection from the risk of snapped bands. These are the core of your Stroops training system. Each band is available in a variety of resistance levels.
Stroops Slastix Resistance Band with Clips

12" – 72" lengths, clip-ends for attachments

Stroops Slastix Toner Resistance Band

48" Slastix band with built-in handles

Stroops Slastix PRO Resistance Band with Clips
Slastix Pro

48" Slastix with center loop and built-in handles

Stroops Slastix Loop Resistance Band

28" circular loop stretches up to 104" in circumference

Stroops Slastix Loop Deluxe Resistance Band
Deluxe Loop

28" circular loop with padding and straps

Step 8: Add battle ropes

Battle ropes that fight back—Stroops adds resistance training to traditional battle rope workouts to provide more engaged training.
Stroops Son of the Beast, 10' Battle Rope, Set of 2
Son of the Beast, 10'

Available in 4 resistance levels, 10' length, set of 2 ropes

Stroops The Beast, 20' Battle Rope, Single Rope
The Beast, 20'

Available in 4 resistance levels, 20' length, single rope

Stroops Son of the Beast Pro, Battle Ropes & Accessory Kit
Son of the Beast Pro Kit

Includes 2 Son of the Beast battle ropes, 1 Power Pull Belt, 2 Carabiners, 2 Cloth Anchors, and 2 Agility Dots

Step 9: Speed & acceleration training

Stroops products are perfect to bundle together for different training applications. Check out these great packages built for athletic speed & acceleration training.
Stroops Accelerator, 10ft

Includes 1 Slastix 10', 1 Power Pull Belt, 1 XL Anchor

Stroops Power Jumper
Power Jumper

Includes 1 Jumpbelt, 2 Adjustable Anchors, 2 Slastix 24" Heavy Resistance

Stroops Leap Frog Resistance Training System
Leap Frog

Includes 2 Swivel Belts, 1 Slastix 48"

Stroops Power Pull Belt
Power Pull Belt

Padded 4" wide belt attachment

Stroops Shoulder Harness
Shoulder Harness

Reversible chest/back pull harness attachment

SStroops Tandem Tow Resistance Band, 10ft
Tandem Tow

Two person speed training

Step 10: Pick up accessories, additional attachments, & more

Choose from a wide range of specialized attachments, plyo boxes, & other accessories to complete your Stroops system.
Stroops Body Weight Gym with Slastix
Slastix Bodyweight Gym

Includes 2 handles and 2 straps 96" long with Slastix

Stroops Punch Cuffs
Punch Cuffs

Hand attachments for Slastix

Stroops Striker Resistance Training System
Striker Training System

Full body resistance training, great for MMA training

Stroops Contour Handle
Contour Handle

Molded plastic with nylon strap attachment

Tomahawk Sack Medicine Ball Sling
Tomahawk Sack

Adjustable medicine ball accessory

Stroops Cotton Loop Cloth Handles
Cotton Loop Cloth Handles

Soft, comfortable handle with stainless steel D-ring

Stroops Ergo Plyo Boxes
Ergo Elite Plyo Boxes

5 size options, rounded edges prevent shin injuries

Stroops Deluxe Plyo Boxes
Deluxe Plyo Boxes

Commercial-grade, non-slip rubber top

Stroops Standard Plyo Boxes
Standard Plyo Boxes

A-frame plyo boxes

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