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SPRI 14" Soft Shell Med Ball

This oversized, soft-shell toss-and-catch weighted ball is made of durable fiberfill and has a heavy-duty, 18-oz. vinyl covering that's easy to grip. It maintains its shape and weight distribution...

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SPRI 5-Foot Flat Band

The SPRI 5-Foot Flat Band is great for physical therapy, personal practices, chiropractics, aquatics, seniors, children and travel. They bring resistance to any workout and build strength and tone...

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SPRI 80" Superband

No need to ever tie two Superbands together again! This double-length Superband is an incredible training tool for partner and trainer-client conditioning drills. The extra length provides increased...

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SPRI Accessory Storage Bin

The Accessory Storage Bin is a great way to store all your miscellaneous fitness accessories, from tubing and jump ropes to medballs, cones and foam rollers. This lockable steel container keeps...

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SPRI Adjustable Ankle Weight Set

These two heavy-duty nylon-blend adjustable weights can be tailored to your workout needs and adjust specifically for you. You'll build strength and see more muscle tone in your legs and glutes. Also...

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SPRI Balance Pad

The SPRI Balance Pad helps you improve coordination, ankle stability and strength, no matter what your fitness level is. This versatile balance pad combines the benefits of exercise and balance...

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SPRI Balance Pods

Balance Pods help to improve your dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination while getting a great upper and lower body workout. You can arrange the pods with the flat side down for more...

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SPRI Bi-Fold Mats

The SPRI Bi-Fold Mat folds right in half for easy storage and travel. With a triple-layer construction of high density foam, this mat will support you and your joints. Its long lasting durability can...

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SPRI Braided Lateral Resistor

Bring your lower body workout to the max with the Braided Lateral Resistor. Designed to be extra durable with its braided rope-like construction and provides superior support with padded ankle cuffs...

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SPRI Braided Xertube

The SPRI  Braided Xertube® braided resistance bands offers all the same benefits as other braided exercise bands, and then some. The braided rope-like construction makes this the toughest...

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SPRI Dead Weight Slam Balls

These Dead Weight Slam Balls are durable, sand-filled no-bounce balls that are ideal for tossing and slamming activities. Our heavy-duty rubber shell provides maximum durability with a pliable,...

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SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells are durable, vinyl dumbbell sets that are color-coded for easy weight identification. Ideal for aerobics, step training or walking, these vinyl dumbbells are extremely durable...

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SPRI Dual Grip Xerball

This Dual Grip Xerball from SPRI has two handles for easy-grip and more medicine ball training options for one-handed and two-handed exercises. It's the perfect choice for performing rotational...

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SPRI E-Z Air Pump

The E-Z Air Pump is an exercise ball pump that can quickly and easily be used on a variety of exercise balls including stability balls. This compact hand-held pump's compact size makes this ideal for...

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SPRI Elite Xercise Ball

The Elite Xercise Ball is perfect for rigorous use and tough enough to withstand diverse training applications in any club environment. Slow-deflate up to 500 lbs. Choose your color-coded size...

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SPRI Ergo Jump Rope Handles

The Ergo Jump Rope Handles are 5" long and weigh 3.6oz. for quick and stable wrist movement. The handles are made from PVC with a Poly-Rubber Grip Tape cover that is tacky and provides a non-slip...

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