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• Specially curated products for school cleaning, disinfection, & sanitizing
• Includes air purification products, disinfecting sprayers, hand hygiene, and surface disinfecting products.
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"I've been working with Zogics over the past couple of months to order cleaning and disinfecting supplies for our school. They have been wonderful - quick to respond and make suggestions! We are currently using the products and find them to be of the highest quality. We will definitely be a repeat customer!" — Deb M.

"The Protexus handheld electrostatic sprayer is a great addition to helping us keep our school, students, and staff heathier. It's ease of use and long lasting battery make it enjoyable to sanitize. Thank you Zogics for the help, you are fantastic to work with." — Robert S.

"We got these wipes for our Elementary school. They are perfect for the classroom use!" — Jacque W.

Plan and Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

As part of our Zogics CARES program for schools, we’ve been working hard to provide schools with the critical safety products needed to operate with confidence in alignment with the 2021 Presidential Executive Order, which provides guidance to reopen schools across the country.

To help you choose the right products, we’ve curated our top products used by school districts and universities across the country. These products represent the four pillars of facility safety: air purification products, disinfecting sprayers, hand hygiene, and surface disinfecting products.

Zogics Critical Supply Storage Services

Store extra supplies with us here at Zogics so your backup plan is always secure. Our Critical Supply Storage Services allow you to stock up on reserve supplies for your school without overcrowding your on-site storage. We'll keep your reserved, dedicated supplies ready to ship at our warehouse—when it's time for your school to restock, let us know and your stored supplies will be shipped out! Contact us today to learn more.

This Supply List Includes:

Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes


Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers


Disinfecting Sprayers & Sprayer-Compatible Disinfectant


Surface Disinfectants


Air Quality Systems

We’re here to help! It’s our job to keep your facility running smoothly, safely, and as healthy as can be. We’re happy to offer additional services like Critical Supply Storage, Autoship, COVID-19 Testing, Cleaning Services and more. Drop us a chat or an email at hello@zogics.com to learn more.

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Some helpful tips:

Following current CDC guidelines, clean high touch surfaces and objects (such as, door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains) within the school and on school transport vehicles (such as, buses) at least once a day or as often as needed (for example, when visibly dirty).

Develop a schedule for routine cleaning. Modify your standard procedures to accommodate regularly cleaning at least once a day or as often as needed.

Limit sharing of high touch objects that are difficult to regularly clean (such as, electronic devices, pens, pencils, books, games, art supplies, lab equipment).

If certain conditions apply (such as, low mask usage or high community transmission), do not use difficult-to-clean shared objects for 72 hours.

Regularly (at least once a day or as often as needed) clean surfaces. Always clean BEFORE disinfecting.

When choosing to disinfect, ensure safe and correct use and storage of cleaning products, including storing products securely away from children.