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Stroops Resistance Bands | Slastix Battle Ropes

Stroops Resistance Training

Stroops resistance bands, made with slastix technology, offer a safe, yet challenging workout for any fitness level.

Stroops Body Weight Gym with Slastix

With the highest-quality materials, more useful features, and a wider array of applications, the Stroops Body Weight Gym outdistances itself from any competitor. Effective at developing overall body strength with a relatively simple in design, it's...

$149.95 $131.36
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Stroops Accelerator, 10'

Stroops products are made to order and ship directly from Stroops. Please allow up to 15 business days before shipping. A smart addition to any fitness facility, this versatile product helps athletes develop and improve speed, agility, balance, quickness...

$158.00 $125.96
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Stroops Leap Frog, 48" Resistance Band

Ideal for training in live play situations, Stroops Leap Frog lets your athletes provide a gradual resistance for their partner. Two partners wearing wasit belts are joined by a 4' Slastix resistance band while they take turns shuffling, back-pedaling or...

$49.95 $39.56
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Stroops Power Jumper

Vertical Jumper | Power Jumper Stroops Economy Power Jumper produces maximum vertical jump conditioning. By adding resistance to your vertical training, your muscled used for hip extension become fully engaged, providing excellent vertical jump...

$59.95 $44.96
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Stroops Contour Handle Stroops Contour Handle (HNDLCTR)

Stroops Contour Handle

Made of high quality materials, Stroops Contour Handle holds up against the wear and tear of everyday use. Attach to Slastix resistance bands to enhance your resistance fitness and rehabilitation training. Features Molded plastic handle with nylon strap...

$15.95 $12.54
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Stroops Fat Bar, 43"

Made of high-quality American steel, Stroops lightweight Fat Bar consists of a 43" handle with professional-grade rubber grips and swivel eyelets that attach to Slastix resistance bands, which are then anchored to a stationary object. Build core...

$149.95 $131.36
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