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A leading producer of innovative, high-quality, functional fitness equipment, the Hyperwear story began with their patented weighted vest, the Hyper Vest PRO. Realizing there was a need for a free weight that was more versatile than those on the market, Hyperwear introduced the SandBell, quickly followed by the SteelBell. More recently, Hyperwear re-invented the battle rope as they introduced the SandRope.

Their unique product line has won international following and outstanding reviews. Ideal for athletes of every skill level, Hyperwear products are used by many pro and collegiate athletic teams, CrossFit boxes, military, police and fire personnel. Shop full line of Hyperwear products including the Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro, Hyperwear SandBells, Hyperwear SteelBells and the Hyperwear SandRope.

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