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Find a full selection of Excel automatic hand dryers and XLERATOR hand dryers.

XLERATOR Hand Dryer Recess Kit, XL-40502

XLERATOR Recess Mount Mount your Excel XLERATOR hand dryer inside your wall to keep it out of the way with the 40502 recess kit! This recess kit is designed to fit flush with your restroom wall tiling to provide a sleek appearance while keeping the dryer...

$180.00 $162.00
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XLERATOR Hand Dryer, Black, XL-BLK

XLERATOR Hand Dryer | Black Hand Dryer Every day, more and more businesses choose Xlerator Hand Dryers. In fact, Xlerator has become the #1 selling commercial hand dryer in the U.S.A. For high traffic settings, our XLERATOR automatic hand dryer offers a...

$730.00 $510.00
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