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Dynamax Medicine Balls | Mini Medicine Balls | Standard Medicine Balls

Dynamax Medicine Balls

Dynamax Medicine Balls are a must have for any strength training regimen. They are made in the USA, and have been tried, tested, and proven by athletes of all levels. Explore Zogics full lineup of Dynamax Medicine Balls.

Dynamax Mini Medicine Ball

Perfect for youth training, single-arm work and sport specific programming, the Dynamax Mini medicine ball is available in weights ranging from 2-6 lbs. Made with the same high quality construction of the regular 14" Dynamax Standard Medicine Balls, the...

$60.00 $52.20
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Dynamax Standard Medicine Ball

These premium medicine balls have a 14" diameter and come in a range of weights from 4 to 30 pounds. Made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials, the outer casing is sewn from a durable, flexible vinyl coated polyester that is moisture resistant and...

$82.00 $72.00
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Dynamax Elite Medicine Ball

Designed with military grade materials, the Dynamax Elite medicine balls were developed with NLF offensive line coaches. Specially constructed to handle more weight and take more contact, the Elite medicine balls absorb high velocity impacts at a...

$97.00 $85.50
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