First Aid Kits

First aid kits are packed full of all the first aid supplies needed when someone injures themselves. Included within a kit are typically bandages, gauze, splints, disinfectants, medications, and a variety of tools to ensure wounds are cleaned and covered adequately. Each kit’s contents vary according to its intended use and location. For instance, we carry many types of first aid kits such as hiking first aid kits, first aid kits for babies, and first aid kits used in cars, just to name a few. Ensure your business has the right type of first aid bags for its needs with our extensive collection.

Bulk First Aid Kits

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  • My Medic Medic First Aid Kit - Black


    Medic First Aid Kit | My Medic

    $750.00 - $1,250.00
  • MyMedic First Aid Kit Recon - Green


    Recon First Aid Kit | My Medic

    $250.00 - $375.00
  • My Medic First Aid Kit MyFak  - Red


    MyFAK First Aid Kit | My Medic

    $125.00 - $250.00
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