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Laminate Club Lockers

Our most brandable locker system with a ton of color options

  • Variety of tier configurations icon Variety of Tier Configurations
  • Quickest lead time icon Quickest Lead Time & Quoting
  • Full design staff icon Full Design Staff for Layout
  • Brandable and widest range of color icon Brandable + Wide Range of Colors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance icon Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
  • 5-Year warranty icon 5-Year 100% Warranty


  • Choose from our standard textured and smooth colors or any Wilsonart or Formica laminate option
  • Laminate or Polycore locker body options
  • 9 configurations
  • Thermally-fused edgeband
  • Include soft-close lifetime warranted hinges & interior cell/wallet shelf
  • High quality surface for easy maintenance
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships Fully Assembled

Product Specifications

  • Height*: 60", 72" (standard), 84"
  • Width*: 12", 15" (standard), 18"
  • Depth*: 12", 15", 18", 20" (standard)
  • Toe Kick: 4"
  • Valance: 4"
  • Locks: High Security Hasp, Ojmar Combi Pro, Ojmar OCS Pro Digital, Ojmar NEXO NLX1 (details below)

*Custom sizes available

Market Applications

  • Fitness Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Health Clubs
  • Locker Rooms
  • Educational Facilities
Zogics Club Laminate Lockers with multiple finishes Zogics Club Laminate Lockers with multiple finishes and locks Zogics Club Laminate Lockers with benches Zogics Club Laminate Locker doors in multiple colors Zogics Club Laminate Lockers with a luxury wooden texture Zogics Club Laminate Lockers with custom colors

Featured Premium Finishes

Choose from a wide variety of premium modern-textured laminate finishes. Our finishes feature a matching edge band which makes them look great, inside and out. Check out our featured finishes below (additional colors & textures available).

  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - White Finish White
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - French Gray Finish French Gray
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Steel Finish Steel
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Storm Finish Storm
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Sun Finish Sun
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Blue Finish Blue
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Vertical Reach Finish Vertical Reach
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Driftwood Finish Driftwood
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers -Cypress Finish Cypress
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Blonde Oak Finish Blonde Oak
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Bamboo Finish Bamboo
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Teak Finish Teak
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Charcoal Finish Charcoal
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Elm Finish Elm
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Cocoa Teak Finish Cocoa Teak
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Ash Finish Ash
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Night Oak Finish Night Oak


Our standard locker room configurations provides your facility with a variety of layout options.

Configuration layouts for Zogics Club Lockers

Lock Options

Security is essential for lockers. Choose from simple yet effective padlock hasps to high-tech options such as keypads and digital touch.

High Security Hasp lock image

High Security Hasp

  • Budget Friendly
  • Battery & Wire Free
  • Steel Plate Protects Finish
  • Dry/Wet Use
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
Ojmar Combi lock image

Ojmar Combi Pro

  • Keyless 4-digit lock
  • Leading keyless mechanical lock
  • Waterproof
  • Colors: Silver, Black, White
Ojmar OCS Pro/Smart lock image

Ojmar OCS Pro/Smart

  • Touch keypad lock
  • Durable touch keypad
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy programming
  • Sleek design
  • Colors: Silver, Graphite, White
Ojmar Nexo NLX1 lock image

Ojmar Nexo NLX1

  • Wireless real-time lock system
  • Bluetooth & RFID operation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Control & data reports
  • Color: Silver

Towel Drops & Grooming Stations

Grooming stations and towel drops will keep your locker room clean and your members looking fresh. Towel drops complement your locker configuration. With a pre-cut opening, installation is easy. Our grooming stations come standard with a storage cabinet, solid surface countertop, directional lighting, electrical outlets, and a mirror. All Zogics grooming and towel drops ship fully assembled and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Zogics Laminate Club Lockers Towel Drops

Locker Room Benches

Complete your locker room layout with sleek and durable benches. Select from a variety of base configurations, colors, and sizes.

Zogics Locker Benches Zogics Locker Benches Zogics Locker Benches
Specifications for locker benches

Bench Colors

Zogics locker room benches are available in 6 standard color laminates. Contact us for additional custom bench laminates.

  • White bench color swatch White
  • Dune bench color swatch Dune
  • Gray bench color swatch Gray
  • Slab bench color swatch Slab
  • Clay bench color swatch Clay
  • Raven bench color swatch Raven

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Product Details


Zogics Laminate Club Lockers are our most brandable locker system and available in countless smooth and textured finishes. Our Laminate Club Lockers are designed with a high quality solid surface that helps prevent bacteria build up. Choose between 9 tier configurations including partical cell phone lockers and ensure your locker room is outfitted with the best lockers and locker room accessories. All locker frames are shipped whole and ready for no-hassle on-site installation.

Returns: Zogics Lockers (Club & Team Lockers) cannot be returned. These products are manufactured and shipped specifically for the customer's specific needs, and cannot be restocked.