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Zogics Resistance Loop Bands, Set of 5 Resistance Bands

1.00 LBS
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Zogics Resistance Loop Bands | Resistance Band Set

If you’re looking to revamp your workouts or add some variety to your clients workout, or your needs aren't met by the most popular forms of gym equipment, the Zogics Resistance Loop Bands are your solution. This resistance band set is cost-effective way to get a whole body workout, making them a popular choice for both fitness enthusiasts and providers of physical therapy.

What's Included

  • 1 Extra Light Resistance Band, Yellow
  • 1 Light Resistance Band, Red
  • 1 Medium Resistance Band, Green
  • 1 Heavy Resistance Band, Blue
  • 1 Extra Heavy Resistance Band, Black
  • 1 Nylon Bag, Black


  • These compact, take anywhere resistance bands let you exercise nearly anywhere
  • Adaptable, suitable for all levels of exercising
  • 100% natural latex resistance bands are designed for extended usage
  • Resistance bands are great for rehabilitation and enhancing workouts
Manufacturer Part Number FITRB01
Colors Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black
Resistance Levels Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy
Dimensions 1.1” h x 23.6" l
Material 100% Natural Latex


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