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Zogics Fit Pro Resistance Band, Ultra Heavy Resistance Band

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Zogics Fit Pro Resistance Bands | Ultra Heavy Resistance Band

Our Fit Pro Resistance Bands are a must-have for every gym, and can be used to add resistance to strength building workouts and exercises, to increase flexibility and range of motion, to warm-up muscles before and after working out, and much more. Beyond the gym and fitness facilities, Fit Pro Bands are a great addition at health clubs, physical therapy clinics, and home gyms. 

Ultra Heavy Resistance Band

Ultra Heavy Resistance Bands are amongst the most stiff of our Fit Pro Bands. Ultra Heavy bands have a resistance level of 80–100 lbs and are ideal for partner workouts and assisted exercises, such as assisted pull ups, chin ups, and dips. Beginners should start with a higher resistance level to support more weight, and gradually work toward decreasing resistance level during assisted exercises. Partner workouts benefit from Ultra Heavy and Super Heavy bands when exercises call for both partners to pull against the band.

Get the Whole Set

The Fit Pro Resistance Band Set includes 7 resistance levels (Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Ultra Heavy, and Super Heavy). Each band is color coded for quick visual reference. If you're looking for the most bang for your buck, head over to our Fit Pro Resistance Band Set.


  • Compact, take anywhere strength resistance bands let you exercise nearly anywhere
  • Adaptable, suitable for all levels of exercising
  • 100% natural latex resistance bands are designed for extended usage and high durability
  • Resistance bands are great for rehabilitation and enhancing workouts
  • Ultra Heavy resistance level ideal for assisted exercises, partner workouts, and more
Manufacturer Part Number FITPRORB01UHVY
Color Purple
Resistance Levels Ultra Heavy (80–100 lbs of resistance)
Dimensions 41" L x 2.48" W x .18" T
Material 100% Natural Latex

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