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Yoga Equipment | Yoga Blocks

Black Mountain Products Yoga Blocks, Set of Two

High Quality Yoga Blocks This lightweight set of yoga blocks creates the stability and support for poses in all types of yoga. Made of high density foam for durability, strength, and a non-slip surface. Precisely measured to give you the optimal support...

$24.99 $8.99
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HuggerMugger Foam Block, 4" (HYB)

Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block, 4"

Stable Foam Yoga Blocks This lightweight, 4" wide, Core Stripe™ yoga block from Hugger Hugger creates the stability and support reliable support under your hands, feet, torso or head. The Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Blocks are known for their...

$18.95 $13.99
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