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Reebok Combat Strike Pad

$200.00 $140.00
7.50 LBS
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A key piece of fitness equipment for martial arts and combat training.

The Reebok Combat Strike Pad is designed for blocking punches, elbows, kicks and knee strikes and is constructed with high density foam for ultimate impact protection. It features durable handles to ensure precise control through every hit and the shield’s ergonomic curve design makes it ideal for developing leg techniques and upper cuts, offering more varied angles for the workout. This one size combat shield is lightweight yet tough, whilst benefitting from great absorption quality.


  • Hard wearing straps for precise control
  • High density foam for impact protection
  • Premium synthetic leather for long lasting durability and functionality
  • Ultimate training shield for boxing and combat sports
Dimensions 15.3" x 5.5" x 25.6"
Color Black
Weight 7 lbs

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